(Jerusalem / Wellington / Gasha Composite Electric) Palestine's radical organization Hamas summoned the Palestinian people to march to the Church of Aksa in Jerusalem when the Muslims Rama Month began.Israel criticized Hamas attempts to shift the focus of war to controversial religious sacred land to ease the military pressure facing Gaza.

Hamas leader Hania delivered a TV speech on Wednesday (February 28) that Hamas showed flexibility in the ceasefire negotiations, but was ready to continue the battle.He called on the Palestinian people on the west bank of Jerusalem and on the first day of Muslims on March 10th, marching to the Church of Aksa in the old town of Jerusalem.

Israel had previously said that due to security considerations, Muslims may restrict Muslims to go back to Church during Aksa during Ramadan.The temple mountain where the church is located is also a sacred place for Muslim and Judaism. It has long been the focus of Pakistan, especially during the religious festival.

A spokesman for the Israeli government said that Hania's remarks were very improper and accused him of trying to drag Israel into other front lines.She said: Of course we don't want to have such a situation.Of course we will work hard to maintain calmness.

The Israeli National Defense Minister Garrant said that the purpose of Hamas was to force Israel to transfer Funan resources to the west bank of Jerusalem and the west bank of the Jordan to reduce the pressure of Gasha's Hamas militants.He said: We can't let them succeed.On the one hand, we are cracking down on terrorists, and on the other hand, we are obliged to accommodate the freedom of faith. I think we will reach a arrangement that can take into account both.

US State Department spokesman Miller said on Tuesday that the United States will continue to urge Israel to follow the past to provide convenience for peaceful worshipers to enter the Church of Aksa during the fasting month.He pointed out: This is also directly related to Israel's safety.The tension of intensifying the tension on the west bank of the Jordan River is not in line with Israel's security interests.

Israel and Hamas are considering whether to stop fighting during the fasting month under the mediation of the United States, Egypt and Qatar.Reuters quoted informed Palestinian officials that the mediation personnel are stepping up to promote the negotiations, but it is predicted that it is too early to predict whether the agreement can be reached soon.

New Zealand listed Hamas as a whole as a terrorist entity

New Zealand announced on Thursday (29th) that Hamas was listed as a terrorist entity.This means that Hamas's assets in New Zealand will be frozen, conducting property or financial transactions with Hamas, or providing material support as criminal crimes.

Since 2010, New Zealand has listed Hamas's armed factions as terrorist entities, but it has not been delayed, like most other Western countries, and has listed Hamas Politburo, which has been widely supported by the Palestinian people as a terrorist entity.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Peters in a government statement on Thursday said: What happened on October 7 last year showed that we could no longer look at Hamas's military and political factions.As a whole, Hamas is responsible for these terrible terrorist attacks.

New Zealand Prime Minister Lu Jiefeng pointed out in a statement that this move is only for Hamas, which does not affect New Zealand's providing humanity and future development assistance to Civilians of Gaza.

The Gaza Health Department said on Thursday that in the past five months of the Harbin conflict, more than 30,000 Palestinians have died in the war.Two children in Hisa Hospital in Shacheng died due to malnutrition and dehydration, which increased to six children who died of famine.

According to Reuters, the scarcity of Gaza's supplies has caused prices to soar. A group of masked armed men recently appeared in the city of Rafa in the north, spontaneously patrolling in the market to prevent traitors from robbery by fire.

A resident said that the local police were worried about becoming Israeli air strike targets and no longer patrolled on the street.He expressed concern about the masked armed elements instead of maintaining order to maintain order: we would rather end the war and let the real police forces come back.