(Berut Comprehensive Television) It is reported that if Hamas reached a ceasefire agreement with Israel, the Lebanese Master Party would immediately suspend the battle.Another ally and Yemen Hussean armed forces in Hamas show that Israel must end the aggression against Gaza, and it will consider stopping attacking the Red Sea merchant ships.

Sources closely related to Hamas told Reuters on Tuesday (February 27): "Once Hamas announced his consent of the ceasefire, the Allah will abide by the ceasefire and immediately stop acting in southern Lebanon, like the last time the last time(Sample when Harbin Fire) ", if Israel continues to bombard Lebanon, the true party will continue to fight without hesitation.

The Israeli Defense Minister Garrant recently said that even if Israel and Hamas cease fire in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Army will increase the attack on the Ozo Party until the Allah's evacuation of the border area.

After the Harbin conflict broke out, the Israeli and the Allah on the border were almost on the border every day. After the situation of the Lord of the Eastern Lebanon in the Eastern Eastern Realm, the situation was further upgraded.

U.S. State Department spokesman Miller said on Tuesday that the United States does not want the situation to upgrade, and Israel has also publicly stated in private that it will seek to resolve the conflict of Libian through diplomatic channels.

The spokesman for the Yemenhoto armed forces said on the same day that if the siege of Gaza and humanitarianism can also enter freely, they will re -evaluate the situation.He emphasized: "Unless Israel stopped the aggression and siege of Gasha, any purpose to help the Palestinian people's actions will not stop."

The U.S. Yamen Special Envoy Lenkin was disclosed during the US Senate Hearing on Tuesday that according to a trusted report, the attack launched by the Houthi armed forces to the Red Sea Merchant Ship has been supported by a large number of agents in Iran and Lebanese in Yemen.

Xiapiro, deputy assistant minister of the US Department of Defense, said at the hearing that the United States has attacked 230 targets in Yemen.But Lenkin said that the Houthi armed forces were not scared.