The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation reported on Thursday (April 25) that Prime Minister Neyahu has approved the plan to carry out ground operations in the city of the southern city of the Gaza Strip.

It is reported that it is expected that Israel will "soon" began to withdraw from the civilians from Lafa to prepare for ground operations.The report also said that Neganahu has not yet issued an order to execute the plan.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation reported earlier on the same day that the Israeli military said at the Cabinet Conference on the day that it had completed the preparation of ground operations to launch ground operations.Hallevi, Chief of Staff of the National Defense Forces, said that the combat plan of Lafa has been submitted to the "political level", and the military will act after receiving the order.

According to many Arab media reports, the Egyptian delegation will arrive in Israel on Friday (26th) to promote Israel and Hamas to reach a ceasefire agreement.

Since October last year a new round of Since the outbreak of Harbin conflict , the Israeli army launched a ground offensive from north to south from the north to south, and the current war has spread to the southernmost city.There are currently more than 1.5 million Barstan civilians in the pull -in -law refuge.The international community is concerned that once the Israeli army launchs ground operations on La Fa, it will cause more civilian casualties.