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Russian luxury cars, tea sets and artworks ... These are gifts from Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean (North Korean) leader Kim Jong -un.

When Putin first visited North Korea in the past 25 years, Pyongyang held a grand welcome ceremony for him.The two greeted each other with a smile, and then hugged.

The buildings of Pyongyang are lit, decorated with huge posters of steeds, balloons, and two leaders.The two also participated in the tea and grand concerts.

The official Russian media quoted the Kremlin Assistant Yuri Ushakov, saying that Putin and Kim Jong -un had a one -to -one talk for about two hours, and presented a luxurious luxury to North Korean leaders.Russia's Aurus car.

The picture shows that the heads of state of the two countries jointly took the Aruce sedan to take a ride. Putin was sitting in the driving seat, but it is not clear whether this is the new car.

As early as February of this year, Putin presented Kim Jong -un a car with the same model, which is also a model used by Russian leaders.This gift has violated the United Nations's sanctions on North Korea.

It is believed that Kim Jong -un is a fan, and he has collected many foreign luxury cars.It is unclear which Aruce what Russia gave him this time.

He has been photographed by Maybach, multiple Mercedes-Benz (Pingzhi, Mercedes, Mercedes), Rolls-Royce Phantom, and Lexus (Lexus)Sports multifunctional vehicle.

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It is reported that Putin also gave Kim Jong -un a set of tea sets and a general of a navy.According to Russia Tas, Ushakov described this set of tea sets "very beautiful".

At the same time, the assistant of Putin said Putin also received "very good gifts."He said these gifts include art, and he hinted that he was related to the "image" of the president, including the half -body image.

Tas News reported that Ushakov said that these gifts were "quite superb."

When both Russia and North Korea are facing international isolation, the two countries show unity through this meeting.In recent years, especially since Russia's full invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Russia and North Korea has become increasingly closer.

Although both countries have been subject to international sanctions, North Korea is still considered to provide Russia with artillery, rockets and ballistic missiles for war.

Both parties have denied violation of sanctions.

Putin thanked Kim Jong -un in the talks for "consistently firmly supports Russia's policy, including the Ukrainian issue." Kim Jong -un said that the relationship between the two countries is "entering a new period of development" and said that Russia is the most sincere in North Korea.Friends. "

The two sides also signed an agreement that helped each other under the circumstances of "invasion".

Putin and Kim Jong -un's recent meeting was in September last year. At that time, Kim Jong -un visited the Oriental Astronomy launch site in the Far East of Russia.This is his first visit to his four years in four years.

During that visit, he inspected Putin's own Aruce Senat car and was invited to sit on the back seat.They also exchanged guns as gifts.

Putin has invited Kim Jong -un to Moscow for the next meeting.