Cai Mingyan, director of Taiwan Guoan, pointed out that the political situation in the South China Sea is complicated. If Tsai Ing -wen is on the Taiping Island at this time, it will be interpreted by the international community as intensifying the local tension.Tsai Ing -wen's flight security problem.

The Taiwan Maritime Patrol Department "Nansha Taiping Island Port and Wharf Repair Project" will recently hold a completion and opening ceremony.Following the Foreign Minister Wu Zhaozheng said that the time was not appropriate, Cai Mingyan also showed that the present stage is not at this stage.It is recommended that Tsai Ing -wen's island reasons.

The Legislative Yuan Foreign and Defense Committee invited Cai Mingyan to lead the relevant intelligence authority of the relevant intelligence agency to propose the "National Intelligence Work and National Security Agency Business Report" and prepare for inquiries.The focus of concern to the Chao and Japan is still locked on whether Cai Yingwen should board the Taiping Island.

Cai Mingyan said that the National Security Bureau cares about the two key points. The first is the complexity of the regional political situation. Cai Yingwen will be interpreted by the international community as intensifying the local tension., Must be properly evaluated.

Secondly, Taiping Island is located in the South China Sea. The degree of militaryization of the South China Maritime is very high. Whether machine ships in various countries will be harassed by relevant countries through this region. Whether it can ensure free navigation rights and flight rights is also a problem.

Wang Dingyu, a ruling DPP legislator, said that the US -Australian ships have been harassed by the PLA in the South China Sea.Cai Mingyan confirmed that Taiwan also has such cases. Beijing's machine ship activities in the South China Sea are very frequent. Take March as an example. On average, there are 6 to 20 daily times. There are 20 sea ships a day."Inland sea".

Cai Mingyan said that if the above two structural problems cannot be resolved, it is not recommended that Tsai Ing -wen go to Taiping Island and cannot bet on his safety.

Wang Hongwei and others in the wild KMT, Wang Hongwei, and others asked. Former DPP President Chen Shui-bian and former Kuomintang President A> Both have been to Taiping Island before they stepped down, especially Ma Ying -jeou's disregard of the United States. Is the situation of the South China Sea nervous at that time?

Cai Mingyan believes that the space -time environment is different.Wang Hongwei said in disapproval that Tsai Ing -wen had been in power for eight years. He never went to Taiping Island to declare sovereignty. If he left office, he would become the only president who had never been to Taiping Island.

Aquelino, commander of the U.S. Army India-Pacific Command at the Military Commission of the House of Representatives, all signs show that all signs show thatBeijing is going to make the target for preparing for the attack to Taiwan by 2027.The Kuomintang legislators Xu Qiaoxin asked if the National Security Bureau had relevant information.

Cai Mingyan said that the National Security Bureau attaches great importance to the discussion of the situation in the Taiwan Strait by governments or research institutions.In 2027, it is an important political year in terms of politics and military. It is not only an important turning point for Chinese officials to enter the fourth term and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the PLA. Chinese officials hope to achieve the general goal of the founding of the army in 2027.For the preparations of the Taiwan, the National Security Bureau has a necessary analysis.