Faced with the strong demanding that the Kuomintang of the Kuomintang, Tsai Ing -wen should be on the Taiping Island to show sovereignty before leaving office. Taiwan Foreign Minister Wu Zhaozheng emphasized that the sovereignty of Taiping Island belongs to Taiwan, but the situation in the South China Sea is dense. American scholars even believe that the South China SeaIt is more prone to war than the Taiwan Strait. At this time, Tsai Ing -wen's "time in time is not suitable" to Debu Taiping Island.

Wu Zhaozheng pointed out that maritime conflicts in mainland China and the Philippines are becoming more and more dangerous. The mainland has established a huge military base in the three islands and reefs of the Bibi Reef, Yongshu Island and Meiji Reefs in the mainland.At this time, Taiwan should be regarded as an important role in maintaining peace and stability by international partners, and should not create more disturbances.

The Taiwan Maritime Patrol Agency "Nansha Taiping Island Port and Wharf Repair Project" will recently hold a completion and opening ceremony. The Kuomintang advocates Tsai Ing -wen to imitate two former presidents Chen Shui -bian and Ma Ying -jeou.Taiping Island announced sovereignty.Wu Zhaozheng made the above statement on Wednesday (March 20) when the Legislative Yuan's diplomatic and National Defense Commission reported its business.

Ma Wenjun, a member of the Council of the Kuomintang Foreign Affairs and National Defense Commission, has decided to go to Taiping Island for inspection on May 16.

Wu Zhaozheng was interviewed by the media before the meeting that at this time, the situation in the South China Sea was tight, the government had some doubts about the legislators, but still respected the power of legislators.

Ma Wenjun asked at the meeting that the sovereignty of Taiping Island belonged to Taiwan, and to declare sovereignty in Taiping Island., Similar to the default.

The Kuomintang legislators Xu Qiaoxin also believed that Ma Ying -jeou disregarded the United States to obey the Taiping Island before he stepped down in 2016.

Xu Qiaoxin asked the United States' attitude towards the matter again.Wu Zhaozheng said that he did not ask, and the United States did not mention this issue with him.

The freedom of pro -green, quoting foreign -related people who said that the sovereignty of Taiping Island is unquestionable, but the only one will be positive for Taiwan's landing and participating in the regional situation. I am afraid that only Beijing officials, Wu Zhaozheng said that he did not know who the foreigners who were reported above, and did not know the logic of their thinking, and could not comment.

Wang Dingyu and Lin Chuyin, the ruling DPP legislators, agreed with Wu Zhaozheng's views, saying that there are Taiwan's garrison in Taiping Island, and the Qingtianbai Sun Banner is also inserted in the local area.

Wu Zhaoyi believes that the sovereignty of Taiping Island is unquestionable to belong to Taiwan. It should be considered to be beneficial to Taiwan. Now the time to board the island is really not good. Taiwan must find the best way to highlight the time to highlight sovereignty.

In addition, Vice President Xiao Meiqin visited the United States and Europe last week.Wu Zhaozheng said that Xiao Meiqin was a private trip in the United States and handled personal affairs. His identity was the election of Vice President, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had communication with the United States.

Xiao Meiqin ended the United States and moved to Europe. The Czech Senate Speaker Wadezi posted a photo with Xiao Meiqin on the X platform on March 19, revealing that he met with Xiao Meiqin at the Czech think tank "analysis of China".

Wu Zhaozheng said that Xiao Meiqin was invited by the European think tank and confirmed that Xiao Meiqin was favored by the symbolic symbol and maintenance protection.

Xinhua News Agency reported that Chen Binhua, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of China, told Xiao Meiqin on March 19 that he resolutely opposed the official exchanges between the establishment of diplomatic relations and Taiwan in any form.Taiwan independence split power issued an error signal.