Mr. Wang Feiling put forward a very interesting point of view in the United States, the World Empire and the World Order (January 10), that is, the United States has indeed paid a lot for the world on the one hand, but at the same time, many countries also "put on the" putAll bad things are dumped in the United States. "This phenomenon is intriguing.

I have a friend in the Chinese academic community, with the anxiety of a knife -mouth tofu heart.He is a liberal school like many people in the academic community, but he has a dad of an institutionalist. The two often fail to open friends because of different political opinions.I have always persuaded him to separate politics from family, and the family can completely talk about political harmony at all.But it is funny that although his father was particularly anti -Japanese, he insisted on buying a Japanese car.It seems that many people are limited to the spiritual level, and they are "Plato -style anti -American and anti -Japanese Japanese".Corrupt officials in many countries in the world have also realized the perfect combination of "firm anti -American position" and "strong willingness to go to the United States".In the end, the money that is hacked in various countries will still be relieved in a country that protects private property and respects personal rights.

The left net celebrities in some countries are also the same. They "anti -American and anti -Japanese work" is the purpose and pursuit of using this nationalism to harvest folk leek.Because the "anti -US -Japan" has been completely bound to "patriotism", not only is it in vain to make patriotism, but it can also earn real gold and silver in the Internet hooligan.The end of patriotism is just "bringing goods".Patriots who know the "traffic password" always say that the American goods bought will become the bullets of the US military.Regardless of the true and false, but people reward each of these people's money online, they will buy real estate in the United States to buy real estate in the United States.The Moral Sutra said: "The floating wind does not end up." The extremes are the most unstable in their minds, and they are most likely to become extremely right.Wang Jingwei, the revolutionary of Wang Zaiyu, who assassinated the regent, was actively participating in Mei Siping, who actively participated in the May Fourth Movement, and Chen Gongbo and Zhou Fohai, the founding party of the mainland government, quickly changed their faces into Japanese pseudo -traitors.Any form of patriotism, once so dramatic, destined to be just mixed with private goods.

Patriotics can talk about "2,000 yuan in China in China, and the living standards will be higher than the US $ 3,000 of Americans", but in the end, they set up "deep water" in the United States to settle in the United States.After accurately finding populist life, they used "a certain country to say no" and "a certain country unhappy" to make a lot of money, but turned their heads to the people who raised the people, immediately realized the US dollar and immigrated to immigrate.U.S.These people can earn the current fast money with "Fengmei must reverse". In the future, "Fengzhong will be reversed" in the market, and it will also switch seamlessly and immediately turn.For them, everything is just business, anti -American and anti -China, what is important to bring benefits.

Is the United States perfect?It is not only imperfect, but in history, there are very few countries that are as annoying as the United States.As many people laughed at, the United States does not have hundreds of years, and the upper European upper levels are full of prejudice and contempt for the Americas in the early days.French enlightenment thinker, Voltaire, disdains the United States. He is biased in Essay on the Manners of Nations: "The intelligence of the New World is not as developed as the old continent people."In the eyes of European elite, the United States is a cultural desert and spiritual wasteland.British writer Dickens believes that the United States is full of "noisy counterfeit goods, fools and liar."French modern poet Podlaire believes that the Americanization of the entire world will be the end of human beings.Coupled with the new innovative political system in the United States, it is also different from Europe, making European political elites also despise all the systems of the United States with a high attitude.

By the 20th century, as the US national strength grew amazingly, the old continent not only despised the United States, but also increased fear.Under the US expansionism, Central America and Asia have erupted the wave of American power. It is represented by France in Europe and is full of doubts about American cultural invasion.With the beginning of the Cold War after World War II, with new development, the ideological dispute was brought into the criticism of the United States.I remember the Chinese Junior Daily I read when I was a kid, and I often saw various anti -American propaganda, making us think that Americans live in the deep water.To this day, the North Korean people who have not suffered belly will probably sympathize with the miserable American in their hearts in their hearts.In addition, due to the protection of Israel due to the US Middle East policy, the Islamic camp has also led to decades of anti -American emotions to continue to rise for decades.The Russian armed forces that have invaded Russia and attacking civil merchant ships are the most anti -American forces, but their anti -the United States is more likely to target the concept of modern civilization. Anti -United States or West is just appearance.

Today, is the United States really a problem?This is indeed in a sense.The deep -rooted racial contradictions, high crime rates, out of control of gun management, coupled with the problems of martial arts, immigration issues, and drug flooding, etc., any item can be black to the end of the United States.However, this still cannot stop the world's best talents in the United States, and the United States has also been at the forefront of the world in the field of science and technology.This is not only because there is the best university education and entrepreneurial innovation environment there, but also because there is a system that is sufficient to provide support, although this system is still problematic.

All of these indicate the vitality of the United States, and also allows those types of anti -Americanism due to cultural orientation, government -oriented, and ideological orientation, which is slightly pale and weak.The United States is neither the hell in the eyes of the enemy nor the perfect paradise. It is full of various serious systemic problems, but still leads this world with an unshakable strength in the short term.

The author is a local literary and historical enthusiast and religious researcher