"Are there any mistakes? Is one less 'zero'?" Some people were surprised, , in the controlled details, the car races, ball games, and stage drama tickets are listed, and one hundred yuan of numbers look a little sesame and mung beans.There are also private companies' friends who laughed as "scared", because they also saw F1 with colleagues with colleagues.Civil servant friends are serious, saying that many entertainment in the Lunar New Year will be more troublesome in various declarations. It is better to simply refuse the invitation of business partners.

Yi Huaren's face-to-face control on the same day expressed no plea on the same day.EssenceThis firm may be unexpected by many people, but everyone who is preparing to defend must have it.

After firmness, it is often a hard battle waiting for them.When the details of the past were scattered naked in front of the certification column, dignity and face were about to go through an unprecedented deprivation.Regardless of winning or losing, it is a chicken hair.

Government integrity is a powerful gene to survive in Singapore.Since the founding of the People's Republic of China for more than half a century, there have been few corruption cases.The last impression was the case of civil defense and the director of the Central Directors of the Central Drug Administration 12 years ago.The former was imprisoned, and the latter successfully washed the crime, but the life of the two senior civil servants was different from this. A large number of private newsletters and confession disclosed in the court also became unbearable memories.

There are very few cases involving government officials or senior party members of the ruling party. Sporadic scattered in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China to the middle of the 1970s, and the consequences were either a prison disaster or even more embarrassing life.Take the poison.

In the past corruption cases, the defense usually expands the gray area of ​​the relationship between the defendant and the suspected bribery as much as possible, so that the acts involved in the case will become a normal move of friends or intimate relationships, not interest transactions, while trying to ask for sake of begging.It shows that the finances that the defendant obtained or accepted did not affect business decisions.

The interrogation of the year or even the New Year's Eve is not only a legal logic game, but also the devil dance in the details.judgment.Even if they cannot be guilty, the defendant always wants to wash the stigma through defense.


The Corruption Council has received more than 200 reports each year in recent years, and about one -third of the case was filed for investigation. Among them, less than 20 % of the cases of public domains.The official "hit rate" is quite high -from 2018 to 2022, at least 97%of the annual resistance to prevent corruption laws are convicted.

The case of Yi Huaren has been held on March 1.The time point of the 27 items spanned from 2015 to 2023. What happened in this, I believe that they will come out of water in the court.

It is not short in eight years. If the control is true, what is the starting point of all these?The corruption component in the case was left to the main controller and the defense lawyer, but no matter what the trial results were, they lost their feet for a senior minister.It has become a fact that leaving and withdrawn from the party. Once the decades of achievements are destroyed, it is regrettable.

In the local area, ordinary civil servants must declare any gift received by the permanent secretary due to official relationships. If their value exceeds 50 yuan, the officials who want to retain the gift must pay the valuation of gifts to the government;Attend.Today, a box of moon cakes exceeds 50 yuan. This is a very strict requirement to reduce the gray area and train civil servants to be sensitive or even too sensitive, making public services an absolutely clean place of non -black or white.

Sometimes the crux of the problem is not whether there is no intention of corruption, but whether there is a sense of corruption.