According to the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this wave of primary infections in Chinese children's support is the influenza, adenovirus, and respiratory tract synonymous virus.Next, influenza may form a larger peak.According to the China Influenza Center Weekly, the influenza in the northern region is in the rise, and it has not yet reached its peak. It may be more serious in the next few weeks, and the southern region has just started.

From 4 pm to 2 am a few days ago, the small night clinic of the Department of Internal Medicine of Beijing Children's Hospital became one of the most dense spaces in this city. It has accommodated four or five thousand people in the closed space of hundreds of square meters.The taste of the potion, the cry of the child, and the signs in the loudspeaker of the tenthistiler are intertwined in the air.At 1 am on November 25th, the electronic horizontal screen of the small night clinic of the Department of Internal Medicine wrote that the checklist within the 1200 number was handed over to the hip -up desk. At this time, there were dozens of parents ranking more than 1100.Outdoor queue.According to a staff member, the number 1200 was already the third batch of 1200 on the day.

Beijing Children's Hospital full is a hot phenomenon of medical conditions after the crown disease (new crown pneumonia).A variety of ecological problems including medical and education.These situations are not only in Beijing Children's Hospital, but expanded to the respiratory and pediatrics of many hospitals in Beijing and other cities.

It is worthy of recognition that so many parents take their children to the Beijing Children's Hospital for treatment, indicating that the hospital's medical level, experience, and medical staff's services are preferred and have been trusted by parents.Not only the parents in Beijing and the suburbs, but even the surrounding cities such as Tianjin, some parents also take their children to Beijing Children's Hospital for treatment.

The other side of such a hot situation is that for many years, a major problem in Chinese patients has been reflected again, that is, uneven medical resources, and almost all of patients in the country have to run to Beijing and Shanghai hospitals.If it is a major disease, such as major illnesses, serious illnesses, etc., it is of course a good choice, but for common diseases such as colds, flu, and mild pneumonia, they also concentrate on running a large hospital to explain that medical thinking and behavior have not changed greatly.These diseases can be seen in community hospitals. It can be seen a few minutes after registering. It can only be seen after 9 hours or even longer than concentrated in children's hospitals. The efficiency is not just different.

People have to run to large hospitals. The logic behind is that only these hospitals can cure and cure quickly.This involves the views and cognition of the development and return of the disease.According to the research and judgment of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this wave of primary infections in children in Beijing and China is not just a pathogen of mycoplasma, but includes influenza, adenovirus, and respiratory tract syntomia, and mycoplasma infection has dropped to fourth place.

The diseases of these pathogen infections (including the symptoms of upper and lower respiratory tracts) are all self -limiting diseases. As long as the immunity is normal, it can heal itself in seven to 10 days. Even without taking medicine, pay attention to diet, restraint and rest.In the case of a variety of illnesses, if the diseases such as continuous high fever, extension of cough, poor mental state, jet vomiting, and rash changes should be used in time.

For this wave of infections, some researchers said that it was related to the three years of crown diseases wearing masks, reducing the probability of infected germs, and owed to the "immune debt".The reason is that there are fewer pathogens that people have exposed to when clearing, and they cannot produce strong immunity.Compared with adults with mature immune systems and strong immunity, children have low immunity because they have no previous infection.feel.Moreover, the infection may be longer than the previous time and the delay.

These situations have also caused parents to generally worry that their children will grow up to pneumonia.The general psychology of parents is that it will be better to diagnose and treat it at the Children's Hospital.This forms a relatively unique phenomenon. Children are generally infusion, thinking that the infusion can speed up the disease.However, the effect of infusion treatment depends on the disease. If it is a common cold and flu, the infusion does not help the disease to relieve it faster. For mycoplasma infection, even pneumonia, the infusion is not better than oral drug treatment.

A large number of children's infusion may cause serious consequences

A large number of children in this wave of respiratory tract infection seem to be a retrogression of the treatment. It does not follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization. Drugs can be taken orally without injection.Whether it is China or overseas, a large number of side effects and complications caused by infusion will have long reminded people that if it is not severe, the general disease is best to use oral drugs.A large number of children's infusion itself may cause longer and serious consequences than respiratory tract infections. However, it may not be seen now. For example, a capillary blockage, granuloma, and even a large amount of micro plastic in liquid may be a lurking hazard.

This wave of children's respiratory tract infection also involves children's learning. Children do homework while infusion.Although the education department proposes that children cannot ask them to do homework, both parents and children cannot do it. There are many homework tasks that have accumulated in one day.Advanced school.Therefore, parents and children are afraid to neglect.

This practice will cause the time of the disease to grow. It can be improved in a week to 10 days, but it will be extended to half a month or even longer.

From this perspective, if the education department and the school stipulate, children can not go to school or do homework during illness, and rest at home. After the courses, they may make children get better.

In fact, respiratory diseases produced by influenza, adenovirus, respiratory virus, and mycoplasma infection are all self -limiting diseases, and there are very few developing into pneumonia.If you take medicine, it is best to take oral medicine.

Next, influenza may form a larger peak.According to the influenza report in the China Influenza Center, the influenza in the north is in the rise and the peak has not yet been reached. It may be more serious in the next few weeks, and the southern region has just started.The north and south are added together to form a new influenza peak in China, and the number of children will be more infected.If you change your mind, recuperate at home, or go to a community hospital for diagnosis and treatment, you will be possible to avoid medical crowding, prevent more cross infections and more potential risks in the future.

The author is Beijing scholar