Outstanding diplomat, Kisisinger, gone, when the coffin was concluded.Although there are a big tradition in China, people like Kissinger must not cover his negative impact on many countries due to his brilliant diplomatic achievements.Kissinger excessively advocates the strength (Power), lack of justice and conscience, which led him to bring a lot of evil results when implementing US foreign policies, or he used his influence to bring shame to civilization.

First, Kissinger plans to bomb Cambodian carpet.From 1969 to 1973, as President Nixon's national security adviser and Secretary of State, Kissinger conducted a carpet bombing in large areas of Cambodia.At that time, US officials claimed that these areas were shelters of rebels in South Vietnam and North Vietnam communist.Yale University historians and famous scholars studying the United States in Cambodia estimate that during this period, the United States threw about 500,000 tons of bombs to Cambodia during this period, causing as many as 150,000 civilians.

After the decades of Kissinger's life, especially when the decryption document described in detail the degree of attack on Cambodia, Kissinger was strongly criticized for leadership and was posted by some people with "war criminals".Tag of.He refuted these criticisms, insisting that the explosion in Cambodia was milder than the later bombing of the United States.

The author of Kissinger ’s Shadow and historian Grandin pointed out that there are at least one civilian area in Cambodia, which has been bombed nearly 250 times.

Second, Kissinger turned a blind eye to Bangladesh's national humanistic disasters.After the Bangladesh nationalists won democratic elections in 1970, the Pakistani military government launched bloody targets to the Bangladesh people on the evening of March 25, 1971, trying to force people to yield.By June, the US State Department publicly estimated that at least 200,000 people would die.About 10 million frightened Bangladesh refugees fled to India, and countless people died of illness in excessive crowded refugee camps.In the end, the Indo -Pakistan war was brewed, Pakistan was defeated, and Bangladesh won independence.

In the entire incident, Kissinger firmly supports Pakistan's military dictatorship. He chose not to warn General Pakistan not to shoot to his citizens, and did not urge Pakistan to accept the election results.To avoid civil war.He did not propose conditions to prevent them from performing atrocities, nor did they threaten US support during the atrocities.Kissinger accepted the Pakistani military rulers, that is, the Banglades are a cowardly nation and can be easily conquered.He said to President Nixon: "I guess Banglades are not very good soldiers."

Support military dictatorship scorn India

During the entire crisis, Kissinger despised India's existence as a nation.On June 3, 1971, he said, "Of course they are stimulating refugees" and blame Pakistan's military targets on Indians.Then he severely reprimanded India, and his tone was full of contempt: "They are a group of people who scavenger." On June 17, Kissinger said to the Indians when he talked about the Indians, "Mr. President, they are an excellent Aya Aya.This is how to survive for 600 years.On August 10, 1971, he said to Nixon: "Pakistani is a good person, but their spiritual structure is primitive."

Third, Kissinger planned the Chilean military coup.In the 1970s, the U.S. government was committed to destroying the stability of the government's left -wing leader Aliande.In 1973, Alianch was eventually abolished in a military coup and replaced by General Pinochet.Despite the damage of democratic norms, Kissinger is still promoting more support for Chile.When Kissinger's staff proposed a report of infringement of human rights, he turned a deaf ear and said: "This government is better than Adaid for us."

It is believed that the Pinocter government killed at least 3,197 people and tortured about 29,000 people, most of which killed in 1973 that Kissinger supported him most.The general was later suspected of participating in the car explosion in Washington in 1976, causing the former Chilean Foreign Minister to be killed.Pinoches has been in power until 1990.Although he faced countless legal challenges in his later years, his health was basically unable to go to court and died in 2006.Later decrypted documents showed that Kissinger not only realized the violence of the military government, but also actively encouraged this behavior.

Realist diplomacy does not mean no bottom line

Decrypting files show that Kissinger also encouraged the Argentine military government in 1974.During that period, up to 30,000 people were killed or disappeared by the army. This war was called "dirty war".Is such a master of realism be tortured by conscience?Kissinger never apologized for his actions.When he defended his behavior, he moved out of realism arguments to defend the benefits of foreign policies in the United States.

Realist foreign policy does not mean that you can lose your conscience and have no bottom line.Kissinger was accused of decades before the establishment of the Hague International Criminal Court in 1998. Otherwise, he should be sent to the International Criminal Court for trial.

The late Herbins pointed out in the book of the trial published by the trial published in 2001 that Kissinger should be prosecuted according to international law.Trouble politicians, abducted soldiers, journalists and clergyman disappear. "

Professor Bass at Princeton University is a bloody telegram: The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger and A FORGOTEN GENOCIDE) author, he wrote in the Atlantic Monthly.Ge is ruthless to the most helpless people in the world.How many people who praise him will work hard to understand the records of his records in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Chile, Argentina, East Timor, Cyprus and other places?

Fourth, Kissinger contributed to Sino -US relations, but he also took China as a business.China has a high evaluation of Kissinger, reflecting the consistency of China ’s international affairs and Kissinger's pursuit of realism. As long as it is conducive to China, there will be no dark side of Kissinger.China has always criticized the United States' hegemonism, but never criticized Kissinger, which is the practitioner of American hegemonism.The logic of Kissinger's realism is: as long as it is conducive to the United States, dual standards will be pursued naked.

Why lose the influence on the United States in the United States

Kissinger is a guest of the leaders of the previous mainland government. It has visited China more than 100 times and ranks first among American politicians.He has received high appreciation of China with the internationally dissemination of China (On China) internationally.After withdrew from politics, he used his influence on China to set up a consulting company, relying on the two governments of the United States and the United States, and eaten both ends.Companies that are closely related to Kissinger include: Boeing, Blackstone Group, CNOOC Group and other giants.In 2002, all parties questioned the frequency of Kissinger's integrity. The former Secretary of State Olbite called on Kissinger to disclose a list of customers.In July 2009, four high -level employees of the Australian group were sued in China.Rio Tinton Group hired Kissinger to go out and pay him nearly $ 5 million for consulting fees.

After the United States' attitude towards China reversed, in 2022, the American Shi Yu (also translated Fish) said in the author of American (America Second: How American Elites are Making China Stronger):The big one is Kissinger.Over the past 40 years, he has used the normalization of corrupt behaviors that made the United States from being stepped down, misleading the United States for excessive imagination of China.The negative impact he caused more than any Chinese businessman, hacker, and spy.The book has a great impact in the United States.This is the background of Kissinger's influence on the influence of the U.S. government's policy.Neither Trump nor the Biden government believes Kissinger.In July of this year, Kissinger, which was visited by China, had a zero impact on Sino -US relations.

Hemitudes of his life, Kissingh, who "always lives in the hearts of the Chinese people", cannot be simply said to be a friend or enemy of Chinese.In 2018, Kissinger suggested "United Russia Anti -China", indicating that he is always the maintenanceer of the interests of the United States. At a critical moment, he can immediately abandon China.Sino -US relations represented by Kissinger have long passed.Looking forward to the future, both China and the United States are exploring the competitive relationship between major powers under peace conditions.China should not have the relationship between the two countries, the private relationship between individual characters, but should use normal diplomatic channels.

The author is a commentator in Shanghai, China