Source: China News Agency

Author: Li Zhiquan

The Malapi volcano erupted on the 3rd on the 3rd of Sedhammen, Indonesia. The official statistics have killed at least 11 people and disappeared by at least 12 people on the 4th.These victims are believed to be climbers.The outside world is puzzled, why do so many people climb the volcano?Why is the search and rescue and evacuation work suspend?

Is the mountaineering route open during eruption?

Malapi volcano is the most active volcano in Sumatrara, with an altitude of 2891 meters. It has multiple volcanic mouths.At the same time, there are several cities and towns near the volcano.

At the beginning of this year, when the Malapi volcano erupted, the Indonesian national search and rescue agency once evacuated 164 climbers.The West Sumatra province issued a ban for this to prohibit mountaineering activities in the Malapi volcanic region until the situation returned to normal.According to the Indonesian volcanic and geological disaster disaster reduction centers, the Malapi volcano has been at the level of warning since August 2011.

There were 75 climbers at the time of the Malapi volcano eruption.Why attract many climbers to adventure?

It is determined that Malapishan's climbing route at the time of the incident is open.Since some climbers have not registered into the mountains in accordance with the regulations of the government, they once thought that there were only 70 people.

Even after the incident, the Natural Resources Protection Agency of West Sumatra stated that Malapishan was in a secondary alert state, but it can still be climbed.It's just that there are certain restrictions in the program.

Many live volcanoes in Indonesia are tourist destinations for tourists.Malapishan has 3 rock climbing routes. On the local social platform, some people have released mountaineering skills, and some people have released a mountaineering strategy.

Why suddenly erupted without volcanic activities?

The Indonesian National Disaster Anti -Agency reported that the Malapi volcano suddenly erupted violently at around 2:45 pm local time, spraying up 3000 meters of volcanic ash pillars.The screen broadcast on the local TV station shows that the volcanic eruption is fierce, the smoke is constantly rolling into the air, and the nearby roads and cars are covered with volcanic ash.

The head of the Malapi volcanic observation station Ahamard said that the eruption occurred suddenly.

He explained in an interview with local media that the volcanic eruption was sometimes caused by sudden underground conditions, including the sudden flow of groundwater into the shallow magma layer or the local construction earthquake.Specific to the eruption of the Malapi volcano, the current confirmed eruption trigger factors are very shallow pressure accumulation, and the volcanic eruption is a sudden release of pressure.

volcanic eruptions generally cause volcanic earthquakes, but Malapi Mountain does not monitor the situation.According to reports, the equipment for detecting the Malapi volcanic activity has been destroyed by volcanic eruption.

Is the volcano still eruption and cause search and rescue?

At least eight small -scale eruptions occurred at least eight times on the 4th on the 4th, which also led to the suspension of search and rescue and evacuation.

"Until today (4th), the volcanic eruption is still happening. We don't want volunteers to become victims." The person in charge of a rescue team said.

It is believed that 26 climbers have not been evacuated.The Indonesian State Disaster Anti -Agency on the 4th reported that the names of 26 climbers have been determined, including the details of 20 of them.But they have not confirmed the identity of the 11 victims, and whether they are among 26 climbers.

The Antara News Agency in Indonesia said that 75 mountaineers were trapped when Malapi volcanic eruption, and 52 climbers have evacuated safely.

It is understood that after the volcanic eruption, the local rescue agencies and the joint rescue team of more than 100 people in the joint rescue, volunteers, and medical staff to start search and rescue teams.

Indonesia with more than a hundred live volcanoes has recently erupted frequently.Machdi, Governor of West Sumatra, called on the public to keep calm when facing the Malapi volcano eruption, and do not panic.