The polls of the Pew Research Center confirmed that, on the contrary, when the recognized wisdom, young voters did not fall to the right when they entered the labor market, trying lives and life.Such popular, even in the legendary 1930s.These ideological trends not only explain the remarks of right party socialism in the United States, but also explained the sober reflection of the ethical person's dying of the free market.We seem to be on the edge of completely change.

In recent years, economists and other serious publications lamented, celebrated or calmly analyze the demise of neo -liberalism.People may think that the trend has reversed, and the social democratic alternative solution of the "free market" gospel has obtained sufficient knowledge and legislative foundation to become traditional wisdom.

The left seemed to win the "WAR OF POSITION" that the Italian Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci, that is, the emergence of new "common sense" has changed the political reality (at least inMost rule and political possibilities are determined by the consent of the ruler).In the United States, Occupy Wall Street, Black Life,#I am also (#Metoo), Bernie Sanders, "resignation", the revival of industrial policies, and new trade unionism, it has indeed changed the Americans's pairViews of the market role.

Similarly, in the period of crown disease, inequality has been solved in the form of revenue and distribution, and new concepts of employment and education have fundamentally changed the mainstream thinking.In the past 10 years, the broken medical system and labor market have made the Medicare for All and Green New Deal (referring to the huge expenditure of infrastructure), which seems to be the obvious solution for most Americans.Essence

At the same time, the Supreme Court's attack on fertility, state supervision, and the scope of citizenship have triggered an ideological rebound, rejuvenated the "progressive", and saved the Democratic Party's position at the state level.At the same time, the public opinion survey of the Pew Research Center confirmed that, on the contrary, when the recognized wisdom, young voters did not fall to the right when they entered the labor market, trying lives and life.Even in the 1930s in the legendary 1930s.

In short, these ideological trends (at least we can measure them through public opinion surveys and voting), which explains that right party socialism is obviously obviously in the hysteric statement of the United States, but also explains that economists are about to die for the free market.Sober reflection.We seem to be on the edge of completely change.

However, if the leftist win the position battle, then "war of manuver" -that is, the competition for the control of the state machine (Grandis believes that this will be the result of the position battle) -toMarket thought was thrown into the historical trash bin.On the contrary, conservative and public reactionary social movements (mostly from the desire to restore the patriarchal system, and they are very clear about their backwater war), and they are using their national power to control public opinion.

Governor of Florida Desandis used state legislators to attack a positive attack on the private and public sector (Disney World and Education) of the cultural industry, but the most shocking example of this approach.Other places, the division of constituencies and omnipotent pursuit of verses, and promoting the "conservative" policy to the scope of most rule, judicial ruling or administrative veto, has proven to complete the task of minority rule.

This reality has weakened the claims that the founders of New Liberalism and Milton Friedman have always adhered to, that is, the free market is not only compatible with democracy, but also a necessary condition for democracyEssenceAfter all, no matter what Trump's Republican Party is selling recently, free enterprises have always been the top priority of the agenda.At this point, "sad people" are consistent with hundreds of millions of denim. The same is true of the Wall Street voters of Clinton, Obama and Bayeng government, no matter how much they are "woke".The concept of the free market still exists.

If democracy has never been concerned about neo -liberals, we cannot expect the descendants of the non -obedient rules of this creed, and we will be afraid or ashamed to rule in the name of a few people.The architects of the New Liberal Mansion always regard the traditional commitments of the United States for freedom and equality as their own contradictions.For them, liberty is freedom of control, and it is based on the freedom market.Therefore, any attempt to regulate the market in the name of equality is a threat to the freedom of contract and must be opposed or prohibited.

Utilizing national power to monitor the most private cause, such as monitoring the use of women's bodies, or determining religious beliefs, it does not prove that the right -wing legislators who use neo -liberalism are "hypocritical".It is not evidence that they strive to restrict equal voting rights or prevent the establishment of unions.Because if equal means threatening the freedom of contract, even if equality promotes a more democratic government, these methods cannot be tolerated.

In this sense, new liberals know that the market has never been free. Democracy is always subject to the creation, consolidation and management of the market as the highest priority of the law by designating and protecting private property as the highest priority of the law.People.In the United States, property rights have always given priority to people's rights, although the founding of the founding of the country strives to balance the two when designing an Evergreen Republic.This is why the strike can be prohibited by petitioning from the judge, but the fleeing of capital cannot be: the former threatens the property value prescribed by the law now, while the latter does not.


position war and sports war shows that the question is not how the free market serves democratic cause, but whether it can serve democratic cause.Although the Democratic parties that are still subject to their new liberalist assumptions and tried to avoid answering this question, Trump's Republican Party does not seem to care about this.Others may care.

Author James Livingston is a professor of history of Rogers University

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