A cadre of Yongzhou, Hunan, China was exposed to take gambling with a number of businessmen in 2021. The official reported investigation on this case.

According to upstream news reports, Yongzhou residents reported to the self -media "Mr. Ge" on November 4 this year: In the summer of 2021, a cadre in Lengshiman District, Yongzhou City, Jiang Moumou and multiple businessmen sit aroundTogether, use poker "scams".

The video from the reporter showed that the five were sitting around a table, the middle and front of the table were stacked with 100 yuan (RMB, the same below), and one was issuing a license.One of them said: "I am 500." The video of "five people sitting together gambling together" was also circulated on the Internet.

The upstream news quoted the information reported by the officials of Yongzhou City that one of the five was Jiang Moumou, a fourth -level investigator in Lengshui Beach.The Discipline Inspection Commission of Lengshui Beach District, Yongzhou City has been investigated.