Hong Kong will set up a patriotic education work group to coordinate government departments and non -governmental institutions to promote national education and dock with the patriotic education law in mainland China.

The Hong Kong Chief Executive Li Jiachao on Wednesday (October 25) published the second policy report during his office in the Legislative Council, proposed that the "Constitution and Basic Law Promotion and Supervision Committee" led by the Secretary for Administration to expandCovering patriotism education, the establishment of patriotism education team.

The group will dock with the content of the patriotic education law in mainland China, strengthen national history, culture and national conditions education at different levels, and inherit and promote the patriotic spirit.

The Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Congress Standing Committee on Tuesday (October 24) passed the patriotism education law of the People's Republic of China.Education with children.

Li Jiachao said that the government will organize teachers in mainland inspections, deepen the course in the school's national security teacher, etc., and start the implementation of primary school "humanities" in the 2025/26 school year, strengthen the training of the campus ambassadors of the Constitution and the basic law students,And the study experience related to national history courses.

At the same time, Hong Kong will set up the Hong Kong Anti -Japanese War and the Maritime Museum next year, which will be reorganized from the Hong Kong Maritime Defense Museum. It will focus on the history of the Anti -Japanese War and enhance the national self -confidence and patriotism.The Cultural Department of China will set up the "Promoting the Chinese Cultural Office", specialize in planning and organizing activities to promote Chinese culture and history, and will hold the Chinese Culture Festival next year.