Source: Hong Kong 01

Author: Zheng Zhen

China and the United States will be the first to meet at the upcoming Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leadership Summit, which is a recent incident.

Does the Sino -US dollar meeting on the agenda mean that Sino -US relations have made breakthroughs?Can the Sino -US dollar meeting promote significant breakthroughs in Sino -US relations?This is a question that all parties are very concerned about.

It cannot be ignored that if Chinese leaders go to the United States, the important task is to attend APEC.As the host, the host has an obligation to invite China. In view of the importance of Sino -US relations, the United States will inevitably hope that Chinese leaders will attend the meeting when they invite China to participate in the conference.As far as Sino -US relations are concerned, this is a question that China does not give the United States.The United States is very clear about the competition and confrontation between China and the United States in the Asia -Pacific, ease the relationship with China, and invite Chinese leaders to the United States. It is a card for the Bayeng government to show foreign energy internally and highlight the cooperation image.

For APEC, this is a problem for a Chinese leader to participate in the meeting.As the Asia -Pacific country, China attaches great importance to the role of the Asia -Pacific, and it does play a key role in the Asia -Pacific economy. It is important to attend the APEC summit to China.There is no question of Chinese leaders who fail to attend or downgrade the meeting.If the meeting is not held in the United States, there is no problem with whether Chinese leaders attended.The parties pay attention to whether Chinese leaders will attend the meeting. They are concerned about whether Chinese leaders will reduce or not attend the APEC because of Sino -US relations.

Next year is the year of the United States election. Biden entered a campaign long ago. In this context, it is true that Sino -US relations have eased, but there are major breakthroughs but cannot talk about it.After the first meeting of the Chinese and American dollars in the APEC, Sino -US relations are also likely not to have a major breakthrough.The Biden government has no room for concession to China. With the election rhythm, it will wield a strong stick to China in the future.Whether Sino -US relations can make breakthroughs depends on the next US government's negotiations between China and the United States.At present, the contact between China and the Biden government at this stage will be largely empty.

For a period of time, the big members of the Government Cabinet have visited China. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng have visited the United States one after another.The symbol of ease, but to recognize the recovery of these consultations, it is to correct the abnormal relationship of the abnormal relationship under the political confrontation between the two countries in the past.Some of the normal cooperation of the core interests of the two countries are suspended that China and the United States are over -products against excessive confrontation.At present, it is true that it is a relief of the relationship.However, these are relatively easy to realize the recovery of bilateral relations that China and the United States can achieve, and the confrontation in many fields such as the military science and technology economy between China and the United States has not loosened.China and the United States are very sober to this.

The improvement of Sino -US relations is the atmosphere of the United States under the pressure of the host to improve relations with China to create a leader in the United States.In this APEC, Chinese leaders went to the United States to attend the meeting. It is also China's cooperative image public relations. China wants to show the sincerity of cooperation with Asia Pacific and the determination to attach importance to Asia -Pacific.After the United States showed goodwill, China naturally led the gods. There was no intention to face the United States intentionally, nor would they negotiate some very difficult issues between China and the United States to make meaningless binding with APEC.Therefore, Sino -US relations have eased but have no breakthroughs, and are not unacceptable.Sino -US relations are important considerations for Chinese leaders to participate in APEC, but it is not an absolute prerequisite.China will not let Sino -US relations abduct China's relations with Asia -Pacific countries.