Data released by the Hong Kong police show that there were 1394 children's cases of child abuse last year, an increase of 12.3%year -on -year, and about half of the cases involved sexual assault.

Comprehensive Hong Kong Zhongtong News Agency and Ming Pao Monday (March 18) reported that in children's cases, there were 698 and 696 physical damage and sexual assaults.

The sexual assault cases related to children's online activities rose by more than 10 %, with 45, and the victims were only 9 years old, and more than 90 % of the victims were girls.

The Hong Kong police noticed that many dating procedures currently launch the "Delete" function after reading, so that children will mistakenly think that they will not leave the bottom after sending privacy photos. In fact, criminals only need to take screenshots or use screen video functions.You can store dialogue and nude photos for threats and illegal purposes.

Police suggested that parents pay more attention to their children's online dating, and they can also consider the installation, detection and protection software of the children's electronic equipment, and pay attention to their online activities.