China's first domestic icebreaker will visit Hong Kong in April.

Comprehensive Sing Tao Daily and Hong Kong Zhongtong News reported that China's first self -built polar science science broke the ice boat "Xuelong 2" will be visited in Hong Kong for five days on April 8th.The Hong Kong Maritime Patrol and the open board for the public.

He Jianzong, chairman of the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Executive Committee of "Snow Dragon 2", said at a press conference last Saturday (March 16) that "Snow Dragon 1" visited Hong Kong 20 years ago, but "The Sherong 2 "has never visited Hong Kong.He has promoted the visit to Hong Kong in October last year and has been strongly supported by the government departments and all sectors of society.After the "Cedar 2" completed the 40th Antarctic Scientific Examination Mission in China, the first port to arrive in the return journey was Hong Kong.

The chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the "Sherong 2" and Ma Fengguo, a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, introduced that "Snow Dragon 2" will officially enter Hong Kong on April 8th.It is a cruise on the sea. Many government departments have sent ships to participate. There are also stars and fishing boats to cruise together. The flight service team will also be present.

Ma Fengguo said that there will also be a welcome ceremony at the sea transport pier. There are programs with bands, lion dance assistance, Chief Executive, China United Nations Office, and even senior officials sent by the Ministry of Natural Resources.The Elizabe Stadium holds a literary party, and ice crew and scientists will interact with the audience.

According to reports, the "Snow Dragon 2" will be opened to the public and group boarding ships from April 9th ​​to 12th.Interested public can register the real -name through the online platform. It is expected that 500 to 1,000 people can board the ship every day, and about 3,000 people can visit the "Snow Dragon 2".

Scientists on board will hold academic conferences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on April 9th ​​and 10th to explore issues such as ecological environment, climate change and polar science.The scientist "Sheron 2" will also talk to Hong Kong students on April 10th. At the same time, it will be connected to the "Zhongshan Station" base in the Antarctica, so that students can interact with scientists.

"Xuelong 2" will leave Hong Kong on the afternoon of April 12th, and there will be a farewell ceremony on the same day.As the continuation of the event, the committee will organize experts from the end of May to December to the school's invitation to the school to conduct popular science lectures and tour exhibitions in different primary and secondary schools to increase students' awareness of polar and environmental protection.