A survey shows that more than 70 % of Hong Kong citizens agree with Hong Kong's constitutional responsibility to maintain national security.

Comprehensive reports from Hong Kong Zhongtong News Agency, Sing Tao Daily and the Internet media "Hong Kong 01" and other reports.The constitutional responsibility maintains the Guoan, and 67%of the people interviewed said that Article 23 of the Hong Kong Basic Law has the basic right to legislation without damage to daily life.

The above survey was conducted in the form of sample telephone access from March 5th to 12th. The object was 1034 Hong Kong citizens 18 years old or over.

调查显示,72%受访者表示“十分认同”及“认同”香港有维护国家安全的宪制责任,表示“一半半”的占15%,“十分不认同”及A total of 10%of "dislikes", which means that "unknown / difficult to say / no opinion" accounts for 3%.

67%of the respondents said that the draft of the national security regulations (abbreviated to the regulations) without damaged citizens' daily life exercises the basic rights.%, Which means "negative impact" accounts for 26%, "I don't know / difficult to say / no opinion" accounts for 7%.

When asked if they recognized that Hong Kong society still faces the risk of external forces to endangers national security, 46%of the respondents said "very agreed" and "identity", indicating that "half and a half" accounted for nearly 20%, "Very dislike" and "dislike" account for nearly 30%.

The latest agenda of the Hong Kong Legislative Council shows that the Legislative Council will open a meeting at 9 am on Tuesday (19th) to restore the draft regulations on the second reading debate.

The documents submitted by the Hong Kong Legislative Council Secretariat pointed out that Deng Bingqiang, director of the Security Bureau, sent a letter to Liang Junyan, chairman of the Legislative Council last Friday (15th) to ask for arrangements to review the draft regulations at the Legislative Council meeting as soon as possible and approveRelated previews, so that the draft regulations can restore the second reading debate on the earliest and viable days.

The Legislative Council Secretariat quoted Liang Junyan that he fully supported 23 legislation to complete the "one day, one day" to block the national security gap as soon as possible.

Based on the necessity and urgency of the draft regulations, and the integrity of the review process, Liang Junyan, chairman of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, decided to open a Legislative Council meeting at 9 am on Tuesday at 9 am on Tuesday to concentrate on handlingThe remaining legislative procedures for the draft regulations, that is, restore the second reading debate and three readings.This meeting will not handle other matters.

Liang Junyan also approved the restoration of the second reading debate and the preview of the amendment to the regulations in accordance with the rules of the discussion.Liang Junyan also sent a letter to Deng Bingqiang's decision on the opening of the meeting on Monday morning.