(Bloomberg, Hong Kong) Gregory May, Consul General of the United States in Hong Kong and Macau, warned that the Internet review system in Hong Kong is increasingly in China.

Mei Rurui warned in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday (February 29) that Hong Kong's increasingly tightening the Internet censorship on the Internet is concerned about the mainland's attractiveness to Hong Kong as a global financial center.This is the first time that Mei Rurui has been interviewed by the media since taking office in May 2022.

He warned that because of connection problems and concerns about data security, some American companies were used to use the phone and laptop when they visited Hong Kong.

Mei Ruirui said: "Hong Kong eliminates some content from the Internet and implements a net sealing of some websites to show that the Internet censorship scale is deciring. Once it starts, where is the end?"

The Hong Kong Department of Justice entered the High Court last June to apply for a ban, prohibiting public public from spreading songs on the Internet or any platform during the 2019 anti -repair campaign.The operating risk faced.

Hong Kong's Internet suppliers have also implemented a few websites, including the British -based human rights organization of Hong Kong supervision.The Hong Kong Government defended these actions on the grounds that to maintain national security.

Although most of the websites on the Internet of Hong Kong are still allowed to browse, the initial restrictions have caused the outside world to focus on strengthening control of mainland China.Many western Internet platforms have been blocked on the mainland and criticized government remarks in routine review.The outside world is worried that this approach will expand to Hong Kong.

At the time of Mei Rurui's criticism, Hong Kong is trying to boost its international commercial center status and attract passengers to improve the economy in the recession.

Mei Ruui said: "Release Li Zhiying and others who have been detained in prison for political expression must improve Hong Kong's image more than hosting the financial summit and tourism promotion activities."

Mei Rurui called on the Hong Kong government to ensure that the business community is committed to maintaining the free and open Internet environment and the data management system of pro -business.He said: "Of course we hope to maintain a better relationship with Hong Kong, so Hong Kong needs to stop (on the Internet review scale) to continue to decline. We hope to maintain good economic relationships. Frankly, our priority consideration is political space."/P>