Will Chinese President Xi Jinping attend the San Francisco Asia -Pacific Economic Organization (APEC) Summit?If he attended, would he have a formal meeting with US President Biden?In the past few months, these two issues have attracted widespread attention from the international community.On November 10, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs finally announced that Xi Jinping went to San Francisco from November 14th to 17th to hold a Sino -US dollar meeting.

Of course, this is a very good news, not only to the two countries but also the world.The head of state of the two largest economies has a positive significance that cannot be ignored for this disaster and difficult world.

Needless to doubt that from Washington's view, the People's Republic of China has never been a trusted friend.But in international relations, either friends or enemies.China and the United States have also had a good interaction and sweet moment like the 1980s.

When did the US -China relations suddenly deteriorate?I think it was from the President Obama.After the September 11th incident, when the United States fought continuously in the Middle East, the Chinese economy ushered in rapid development.In 2010, China surpassed Japan to become the second largest economy in the world, and this is the case to this day.Since then, as the world's first powerful country, the United States has once again encountered the old problem of how to face the world's second power.Just as in Japan, the United States has also adopted a strategy of curbing the new world's second largest economy.Unlike previous Japan, China is still a country that is also different from its own, so Washington's curbing to China is more severe.

On the other hand, after the humiliation modern history, China has a strong desire to rise again.With the enhancement of national strength and the new generation of leaders, China's attention to international affairs is getting higher and higher, and its insistence on independent development paths is becoming more and more determined.

From the beginning of the Obama administration, the United States and China have deteriorated to the Trump administration, and the United States has significantly increased its containment of China. China has followed more powerful countermeasures, and the relationship between the two countries has deteriorated.The Biden government continued the policy of China to China.Facts have proved that whether it is the United States or China, it is a victim of the deterioration of bilateral relations; almost the entire world is also negatively affected by the United States and China.

What are the main problems between the United States and China?In my opinion, it is the two most powerful countries in the world, how to view each other and how to treat the international order in the change.In the past 200 years, the relationship between the two most powerful countries in the world is indeed very easy to cause trouble.The 19th century British -French relations and British -German relations, the 20th century, the United States, Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union, the United States and Japan, and the current US -China relations.In this regard, the offensive realism admired by Mills Hemo (editor: also known as offensive realism, OFFENSIVE Realism) theory of international relations is indeed a little reasonable.

But as Mills Heimer's academic view is criticized, the relationship between the world's great powers is not necessarily tragedy.China and the United States should look at each other more appropriately. The two countries do not play zero -sum games in the international community.The old international order has become increasingly unable to cope with global challenges. The two countries must work together to face the changing world, rather than dismantling each other.The world's great powers must bear the responsibility of leading the world, especially when they are facing difficulties in the world.

Obviously, the biggest beneficiaries of US -China relations are the two countries themselves.Even in the past two years of the two countries, US -China trade has remained rising and at a high level.It is conceivable that if the relationship between the two countries recovers, the Sino -US trade will definitely usher in a more beautiful chapter.The exchanges between the two countries, including scholars, will also benefit from the improvement of bilateral relations.

And, there are really many issues in this world that require cooperation between the two countries.For example, the Harbin War is facing the danger of upgrading.On October 7, Hamas launched a violent attack on Israel and after Israel was declared war on Hamas, the Middle East was tense again.Once the war is upgraded to a regional battle, not only the Middle East, but also the entire world will suffer.

As Gasha's deaths include the increasing number of civilians, the humanitarian crisis is increasing, and Israel is facing strong pressure on international public opinion.As the United States maintains special bilateral relations, while Washington supports Israel, it has also encountered increasingly obvious diplomatic dilemma.At present, the Harbin War has indeed made the Biden government more and more difficult to cope.

A fact that cannot be ignored is that even in the United States, contradictions or even conflicts caused by this war are common.The continuity of the war will continue this phenomenon in the United States and possibly intensify.Of course, the United States' support for Israel's continued war will not be welcomed by the international community, including the Arab countries.This is a question about the image of the United States.

Whether it is based on the international responsibility of the world or the actual interests of its country, the United States does not want to see the current war upgrade into a regional battle.On the other hand, China has always actively promoted the peace of the Middle East, and has been working hard to promote the war not to upgrade and end as soon as possible.There are obvious consensus in the United States and China to prevent severe upgrading of the war.

Of course, there are some differences in the U.S. and China on the Tyh Harbin War.China has repeatedly called on the war to stop fire immediately, and the United States emphasizes that war should not be upgraded.But it is obvious that the Washington decision maker must not want the United States to be pulled into the Middle East war by Israel.In fact, the United States and Israel are also increasingly obvious in response.

As in the face of the Harbin War, this world needs to cooperate with US -China to solve major problems, but in the process of specific cooperation, the two countries must further coordinate. The close contact between the two parties will obviously help helpthis.

In recent years, after the discounts between China and the United States, although the two countries cannot expect to become friends who are frankly intersecting, at least for the consideration of national interests, the two parties can reduce conflict intensity, which is very likely.I believe that Xi Jinping's trip to San Francisco will make Sino -US relations in the cold winter getting the opportunity to breathe.

As a Chinese visiting scholar who has just arrived at the University of California, I have just arrived, I have enjoyed the comfortable sunshine here.It is expected that California Sunshine can also warm Sino -US relations.

The author is a professor at Shanghai Foreign Studies University, a visiting scholar at the University of Berkeley

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