The two major superstars of international football Messi and Beckham will go to Hong Kong to participate in the show in February next year.Hong Kong's tourism, bar industry and catering industry welcomed this and believed that the competition could attract mainland China and overseas tourists to Hong Kong for consumption.

Messi is currently playing at Miami International in the United States League, and Beckham is the co -owner of the club.

The United States Grand League Ball Miami International Friday (December 8) issued an announcement on the official website that the team will play in Hong Kong in Hong Kong on February 4 next year.

According to the Sing Tao Daily, Yao Bailiang, a member of the tourism community of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, said that the tourism industry is welcomed to be held in Hong Kong. I hope to promote the integration of cultural, sports, and tourism industries.He also mentioned that even if the price of the tournament is more expensive, it will not affect overseas and mainland tourists to go to Hong Kong to watch. After all, Messi and Beckham are football superstars called seat power.

Zhang Sumei, director of the Lan Kwai Fong Association, said that the bar industry was very excited about Messi and Beckham in Hong Kong. I believe that a football boom will definitely set off.

Zhang Sumei also said that when Messi and others went to Hong Kong next year, many overseas people would leave Hong Kong to visit relatives, so the business would be more bland. I hope that the event can attract overseas people to stay in Hong Kong for consumption.

Huang Jiahe, the chairman of the Catering Association, also said that Messi, as a football superstar, has a certain appeal, not only attracts nearby Macau and Southeast Asian tourists, but also attract tourists in farther regions.Watching the competition in Hong Kong has a certain role in promoting the local catering industry.

He said that the current number of tourists in Hong Kong only returns to about 70 % before the crown disease epidemic, hoping to continue to increase in February next year.

Earlier, Miami International originally scheduled to go to China in November to participate in the Football Tour, but the game was canceled.The British Guardian reported that the tourist promotion party NSN said that the cancellation of the tour is for Former Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang expressed respect .

Messi went to China with the Argentine national team in June this year, and held a friendly match with the Australian national team in Beijing.At that time, a Chinese fans broke into the court to hug Messi, which caused the game to interrupt. This episode also became a hot topic of the Chinese network.