In Hong Kong, there will be a licensed pig farm to test African swine fever, and the Fisheries and Protection Department will destroy 900 pigs.

According to the Hong Kong News Agency, the Hong Kong Fisheries Agency announced on Saturday (December 9) to inspect Yuen Long Shinada's licensed pig farm and draw samples from 30 pigs for testing. As a result, the result isIt was found that the samples of 19 of them were positive for African swine fever virus, and the department would destroy all 900 pigs.

The Fisheries Protection Department said that all local pig farmers have been notified in the case of related cases, and personnel have also arranged personnel to inspect eight pig farms within 3 kilometers of pig farms, and pigs will be sampled as African swine feverVirus test.For the sake of prudential, the Fisheries Department has temporarily prohibited these pig farms from being transported out of pigs until they will notify them separately.As for other pig farms 3 kilometers away, the Fisheries Agency has not received reports of pig abnormalities.

The Fisheries Protection Department emphasized that African swine fever will not be transmitted to humans. After cooking is cooked, citizens do not need to worry, and cases will not affect the overall living pig supply in Hong Kong.