Zhou Ting, deputy secretary -general of the former "Hong Kong Zhizhi" who was suspected of violating the National Security Law, was allowed to leave Hong Kong to study in Canada during the bail.Some analysts believe that the far -reaching impact of the incident may make the official "add spicy" during the 23 legislation of the Basic Law next year.

When the Hong Kong Chief Executive Li Jiachao met with the media before attending the Executive Assembly on Tuesday (December 5), he described Zhou Ting as a fugitive and was arrested if he was suspected of colluding with foreign forces to endanger national security.Essence

For Zhou Ting's self -defending, Li Jiachao criticized that some fugitives betrayed their integrity. Words were used to find excuses to deceive sympathy and tried to create a halo by themselves.He pointed out that the police tried to deal with the case with a large willingness, but in exchange for fraud, believe that the most disappointing person was the person who tried to deal with it.The police will summarize experience to ensure effective maintenance of laws and national security, and crack down on collusion with external forces.

Zhou Ting, known as the "Democratic Goddess" in Hong Kong, was imprisoned for the "Surrounding Police Headquarters Case" during the anti -repair campaign. After being released in June 2021, he rarely appeared publicly.Know.However, there is also a case of "colluding foreign or overseas forces to endanger national security". She suddenly disclosed the latest trends on social platforms a few days ago.Back to Hong Kong to report to the police, but after careful consideration, she decided not to return to Hong Kong.

Zhou Ting accepted foreign media interviews for many days after it passed.She was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Global Post on Tuesday that she was worried about being arrested by the police every morning in the past three years and confiscated her computers, mobile phones and passports again.These terrible experiences let her know what is free from fear.

As Zhou Ting announced the high -profile abandonment of the exile, in the past few days, Hong Kong's political circles have been discussed. I do n’t understand why the Hong Kong government will let Zhou Ting go and let her go abroad.

Liu Zhaojia, a consultant of the China Hong Kong and Macau Research Association, said in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post that the police did not know why the police agreed to let Zhou Ting study abroad during the release of Zhou Ting's bail.The official decided to deal with her widely. Unexpectedly, Zhou Ting turned his face as soon as he arrived overseas.

He believes that Zhou Ting has a certain popularity internationally, especially the Japanese is well received by the Japanese.Next year, the Hong Kong Government will be Article 23 legislation .Overseas Hong Kong people launch public opinion offensives to encourage Hong Kong people to dissatisfy the Hong Kong government.

Ming Pao quoted two sources on Tuesday that from Li Jiachao's response to the incident, it is estimated that he did not know that Zhou Ting was allowed to leave Hong Kong beforehand.Some people in the officialdom pointed out that Zhou Ting's abandonment of the insurance will affect the young people in other bail, and it may be more difficult to give young people in the future.

The letter quoted a member of the Chinese CPPCC of China and pointed out that Article 23 of the Basic Law next year will be legislative.Regardless of the Chinese government or even the Hong Kong Government, there will be more political chips and solid foundations at that time, improving all bail thresholds involving national security cases, and "adding spicy" when legislative on the 23rds of the Basic Law.