Hong Kong Sunday (December 10) held the first district council election under the new system.The analysis believes that the propaganda activity has a certain impact on the voting rate of the area in this area, but it will not help much.

Comprehensive Hong Kong Ming Pao and Sing Tao Daily reported that this election will be selected for 88 direct elections and 176 presence of presence.

Sources said the police will deploy more than 10,000 police forces in Hong Kong.There will be at least two police officers in each voting station, together with the voting station director or deputy director of the disciplinary force, and more than 900 people mobilized by the clean government office, and more than 600 voting stations in Hong Kong have an average of four to six disciplinary forces.Personnel station.

In order to encourage citizens to vote on the election day, Hong Kong officials held the "District Election Day" event on the eve of the election.

The SAR government officials also "settled" (enter the community) on Saturday, or inspect the ticket station, or send souvenirs to the neighborhood, hoping that more citizens will participate in the election.

Liu Zhaojia, a consultant of the National Hong Kong and Macau Research Association, believes that publicity activities have a certain impact on the voting rate, but it will not help much. The voting rate can reach more than 20 %, which is an acceptable level.

The Hong Kong Democratic Party and Socials and Citizens Contest that they will protest to the chief executive Li Jiachao who voted at the Gao Bishop Academy on Sunday morning.

The official website information of the district shows that the voting time of the regional committee's union election is from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, and the direct election voting time is from 8:30 in the morning to 10:30 pm.Essence