The consumption boom of Hong Kong people has continued to heat up. Among the two major ski resorts in Shenzhen, Hong Kong people accounted for more than half.

According to the online media "Hong Kong 01" on Saturday (December 9), the reporter visited the two real snow ski resorts in Shenzhen and found that most of the tourists who came to ski were Hong Kong people, and there was a specifically specifically specializing in it."Cantonese Instructor" set up by Hong Kong people.

The Alps ice world located in the Window of Nanshan District is only 15 to 20 minutes drive from the Shenzhen Bay Port. Many Hong Kong people have skiped them before the epidemic.The counter staff revealed to reporters that Hong Kong people who came to ski usually account for about 70 % of all the customers, and there are more than half of them during holidays.

The Karu Snow World, which was only opened in April this year, was also favored by Hong Kong people.The staff revealed that Hong Kong people who came to ski over the weekend reached more than eight or 90 %, even more than half of them even on weekdays.

Comprehensive Hong Kong Media previously reported that since the resumption of customs clearance in Shenzhen and Hong Kong in January this year, the Hong Kong people who have passed in Shenzhen have continued to increase, and the phenomenon of Hong Kong people crowded the Shenzhen Supermarket.

In addition to the cheap prices in Shenzhen, more choices, and the continuous depreciation of the RMB stimulate the boom of consumption in the north of Hong Kong people, the procedures for immigration to the immigration health will also allow Hong Kong people to cross the process of passing north.It is more convenient to promote more Hong Kong people to visit and shop in Shenzhen.

According to the early years of the Hong Kong Government Statistics Office, Hong Kong people travel to Guangdong Province to travel to Guangdong Province. After deducting cross -border traffic costs, the average consumption expenditure each time is about 680 Hong Kong dollars (S $ 116).