China ’s official Monday (November 6) When meeting with Australian Prime Minister Albanis, China Australia can become a mutual trust and accomplishment partner;I am satisfied with contact.

Albanis, which is currently a formal visit to China, holds talks with Chinese officials on the Great Hall of the People on Monday afternoon.This is the second meeting after the two in November at the G20 meeting of Indonesia last November.

According to China CCTV News Broadcast, Chinese officials said that with the joint efforts of both parties, the two countries resumed exchanges in various fields./Story20231104-1447936 "rel = nofollow target = _blank> embarked on the correct path to improve the development relationship .

He also emphasized that the two countries have no historical grievances and no fundamental conflicts of interest, which can be a partner of mutual trust and accomplishment; both parties should also grasp the correct development direction of China -Australia relations and promote the continuous direction of comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Australia.Pre -development.

Chinese officials say that China -Australia should enhance mutual understanding and trust in peaceful coexistence, achieve common development in mutual benefit cooperation, give full play to the potential of the Sino -Australian free trade agreement, expand cooperation in emerging fields such as climate change and green economy, and maintain the globalAnd regional free trade system.

He also mentioned that China is willing to cooperate with Australia to cooperate with Australia to support the challenges such as the toughness of development and climate change in the South Pacific countries, and to maintain peace and stability in the Asia -Pacific region in the open and inclusive.

In addition, Chinese officials have also criticized the United States in the form of non -name, referring to the high walls, decourse disconnects or risks of small courtyards, which are essentially protected.He also said, "For those attempts to mess with the Asia -Pacific region, we must be vigilant and the other is to oppose it."

Comprehensive Reuters, Bloomberg, and Sydney Pioneer reported that when Albanis said, the stable growth of China's economy and its continuous contact with the world conform to the interests of Australia and other countries.

He also mentioned that a solid relationship between Australia and China will help the future."When there is differences, it is important to communicate between the two parties. From communication to understanding."

Albanis said in an interview after the meeting that he was satisfied with the positive contact between the two sides.

He also revealed that he had the necessity of regional peace and security at the meeting, including the Russian and Ukraine War and the Middle East.He also emphasized the importance of the establishment of guardrails and military cooperation with Chinese officials.

Albanis also met with Zhao Leji, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Monday.

During the administration of former Australian Prime Minister Morrison, Canberra prohibited Huawei from participating in 5G contracts on the grounds of Guoan, and called for traceability investigations on crown diseases. These actions caused Beijing to dissatisfy.Commodity courses impose punitive tariffs.

After Albanis came to power last year, he promised to have a stable relationship with China.After meeting with Chinese officials in November last year at the G20 meeting, the two ministerial meetings of the two countries started again, and China also canceled the restrictions on imports of coal, wood and barley in Australia.

Li Dazhong, a professor at the Institute of International Affairs and Strategy of Taiwan Tamkang University, analyzed in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post that this meeting was an important sign of slowly returning to China -Australia relations.

He believes that Albanis hopes to solidly regain the more harmful economic and trade benefits in the past few years, but this does not mean that Australia will deviate from the overall strategy.

As for Beijing's attitude, Li Dazhong said that with the deterioration of Sino -US relations, China has indeed faced diplomatic curbs in some international regions in recent years. Beijing may hope to improve through Sino -Australian relations as an important demonstration of foreign relations.

Albanas is the first Australian Prime Minister to visit China in seven years. This trip is regarded as an attempt to normalize China relations.period.

For this reason, Albarus went to 50 years ago on Monday morning. At the time of the Beijing Temple of Australia, the Australian Prime Minister Whitlam visited.