New Prime Minister Li Xianlong sent a letter to Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang, on behalf of the Singaporean government to expressed deep mourning.

Li Xianlong refers to Li Keqiang in the letter to serve the country. Under his leadership, China has overcome many challenges, promotes reform and opening up, has achieved economic growth, and greatly improves the life of the Chinese people.

On November 11, 2022, Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong (left) and Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang gathered at the Asian-China Summit held at the Cambodian Phnom Penh.(File photo)

Li Xianlong said that in 2005, he met with Li Keqiang in Shenyang in 2005. He has worked closely with Li Keqiang for many years to strengthen the partnership between Singapore and China.In 2018, Li Keqiang made a formal visit to Singapore as the Prime Minister to further promote the new and China -China -China cooperative relations.

During Li Keqiang's term, the new China relations have achieved a number of important milestones, including Singapore and Chongqing have established a strategic interconnection demonstration project, launched the new China (Shenzhen) smart city project, and the upgraded version of China -Singapore Free Trade AgreementEssenceThese milestones reflect the prospectiveness of bilateral relations between the two countries.

Li Xianlong also pointed out that Li Keqiang has attended the Asian Diandan Summit on behalf of China in the past ten years and plays an important role for strengthening the cooperation between Asia Gyeongan and China.Today, Asia and China are the biggest trading partners of each other.Regional comprehensive economic partnership and Asianan-China comprehensive strategic partnership are one of Li Keqiang's long-lasting contribution to regional integration.