The analysis of scholars interviewed, China officially emphasized that it will support the construction of the “Belt and Road” projects in marketization and commercialization to coordinate the promotion of the “small and beautiful” people's livelihood project, indicating that this 10 -year initiative may be transformed. China may be transformed. China may transform. China. China may transform. China may transform. China may transform. China may transform. China. China.In the future, we will no longer make money on overseas infrastructure projects, and avoid being accused of debt traps by the West.

China Official Wednesday (October 18) At the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit, it announced that China supports eight actions that support high -quality co -construction of the BeltMidea "people's livelihood projects, implement 1,000 small people's livelihood assistance projects.

China official also announced that two policy banks such as China National Development Bank and China Import and Export Bank will each establish a financing window of RMB 350 billion (about 65.5 billion yuan).Fund supports the construction of the Belt and Road projects in marketization and commercialization.

Chen Jianfu, director of the Belt and Road Research Center of the School of International Affairs of Taiwan Tamkang University, pointed out in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post that Beijing used to be used to direct investment in the past to assist in developing large -scale infrastructure projects in developing countries.Debt trap.

Chen Jianfu's judgment, China's official announcement shows that China may follow the practice of Japan's current place in Southeast Asia and other places in the future.To ensure that the lenders must have a certain proportion of domination, and at the same time, the implementation results and profitability of the project will be reviewed in advance to further control and control financial risks.

Zhu Feng, Executive Dean of the School of International Relations of Nanjing University, analyzed in an analysis in the interview that Chinese officials emphasized more to promote the Belt and Road Belt and Roads with market mechanisms and principles, indicating that the initiative may be adjusted in the future.The government plays more convenient roles, "Don't let the outside world continue to think that this Silk Road is that China is sprinkled with money outside."

Luo Minghui, assistant professor of Public Policy and Global Affairs Course of Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore, analyzed in an analysis in the interview that Chinese officials emphasized that promoting small and beautiful people's livelihood projects through the Belt and Road Initiative means that Beijing's future project selection is more cautious, and it is more targeted at the project.Sexually investing resources into more sustainable projects to reduce political risks so that China is not accused by the outside world of making debt traps in countries along the route.When China is currently facing economic challenges, Beijing also hopes to avoid being questioned by domestic public opinion due to excessive investments in large projects in overseas Belt and Road Initiative.

But Luo Minghui also pointed out that despite the slowdown of China's foreign investment, the newly announced financing windows and Silk Road Fund's newly added amount is still quite huge, which means that the Belt and Road Initiative is an important part of China's official foreign policy agenda.

As the competition between Chinese and Western science and technology has continued to upgrade, Chinese officials also announced on Wednesday that the Belt and Road Initiative will promote scientific and technological innovation.Scientists work in China for short -term work.

Luo Minghui said that while the scale of large infrastructure investment is narrowed, the development of the next stages of the next road will emphasize the construction of a digital Silk Road.This is not only consistent with the development priority formulated by China, but also helps China to strive for a leading position in the fields of artificial intelligence, chips and other fields, and absorb more emerging technology and technology talents.

Chen Jianfu judged that China has increased the establishment of a joint laboratory to reduce the risk of China's broken chain by Western technology.Zhu Feng believes that China can strengthen technological communication with developing countries through this and better output high -tech and new energy products in China.