The popular poker game "Egg" in the Chinese financial circle, the Shanghai Egg Sports Association was established, and the chairman of Oriental Fortune was actually the chairman.

Comprehensive view of the news and surging news reports, the first meeting of the first meeting of the Shanghai Egg Sports Association was held on the morning of January 27th at the Shanghai Chess and Card Movement Management Center.Xu Bin, secretary of the party group and director of the Shanghai Sports Bureau, and chairman of the Shanghai Sports Federation attended the meeting.

The conference elected the first council and members of the board of supervisors.Chairman of Dongfang Wealth Information Co., Ltd. is actually elected as the chairman of the first council.

Oriental Wealth official website information shows that in fact, in 1970, Oriental Fortune he founded in 2005 was a professional Internet wealth management comprehensive operator. It was calculated on the closing price of East Fortune on January 26.In fact, the net worth reached 40.176 billion yuan (RMB, about S $ 7.61 billion).

According to the State General Administration of Sports of China, 掼 eggs are a poker game originated from Huai'an, Jiangsu.Memory, judgment, analysis and cooperation awareness.Because of its simplicity and easy learning, suitable for all ages, happy body and mind, and being loved by the public, in recent years, it has carried out and showed a popular situation in many cities.

Egg eggs have become popular in China's financial investment circle in recent years.According to the statistics of China News Agency, last year, more than ten financial institutions organized the egg competition from private institutions to State Bank.