(New York/Beijing Comprehensive News) China served as the rotating chairman of the United Nations Security Council in November. Zhang Jun, a resident representative of the United Nations, emphasized that the response to the Harbin conflict is still the security of the Security Council this month.Action of meaning. "

Comprehensive United Nations News and Xinhua News Agency reported that Zhang Jun said when he introduced the work plan at the United Nations headquarters of New York on November 1 that China will spare no effort to promote the expansion of consensus and unity of all parties.Give play to a responsible and meaningful role.

He emphasized that the priority is to promote suspension and stop war to prevent more civilian casualties, more large -scale humanitarian disasters and conflicts.

Due to differences between the 15 members of the Security Council, the four copies are related to The draft resolution of conflict was not approved by the Security Council.Although the UN General Assembly passed the resolution on October 27, it called on Israel and Hamas to immediately implement a long -lasting and persistent humanitarian war, but the resolution did not have binding power and international law.

Zhang Jun pointed out that response to the Yiha crisis "is not only the responsibility of the Security Council, but also its legal obligation."Therefore, the Security Council will give up a unified voice of Palestine's conflict, and is working in this direction.He said that in addition to the resolution, the Security Council needs to make "meaningful actions", so that the relevant parties should truly achieve the ceasefire and abide by the international law and humanitarian law.

At the press conference, Zhang Jun used the ancient Chinese tenon -and -mortise structure toy "Luban Lock" metaphor to peace, saying that "disassembling is easy to assemble, destroying difficulty rebuilding difficulties, and rashness may cause irreversible harm."

Although China has been calling for a ceasefire since the outbreak of the Harbin conflict, Israel and the United States are dissatisfied with China that has not regarded Hamas as a terrorist organization; at the same time, China has not named the Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip to cause civilian casualties.

On the other hand, Wang Yi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Oman Foreign Minister Bader, bluntly stated that the current situation of Gaza has deteriorated, and the number of people's casualties has continued to rise.No such tragedy can continue. "

Wang Yi said in Wednesday's call that China will be the rotating chairman of the Security Council from the same day, and will strengthen coordination with all parties, especially the Arab countries, preside over, and condense consensus.Humanitarian situation, restoration of peace process efforts.

Wang Yi reiterated that the root cause of the Palestinian issue lies in the fact that the legitimate rights and interests of the Palestinian people have failed to be recovered and guaranteed. The way out of this problem is to implement the "two countries".He said that China supports more authoritative, larger, and more effective international conferences as soon as possible, and promotes Palestinian issues to return to the "two -country plan" track.