In response to some netizens' messages reported that passenger information was leaked after ordering tickets, the China Civil Aviation Administration responded that it is preparing relevant documents to further strengthen the protection of important data.

According to China Surging News Sunday (October 29) reports, some netizens reported through the people's network leader's message board, searching for flight information with friends on a map app and booking air tickets.The other party, the other party is based on the name of the airline customer service and the cancellation of mechanical failure flights, allowing the three to provide Alipay accounts for compensation, and can report the three -person name phone ID information information.

A netizen appealed. First, reporting the flight to cancel the information to interfere with the passenger's itinerary.Causes serious property losses. It is hoped that the Civil Aviation Administration will coordinate the public security department and strictly investigate the disclosure of passenger information of the third -party network channel agent company and the use of flight information fraud.

The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration responded that they are preparing relevant documents to further strengthen the protection of important data.At the same time, the Civil Aviation Administration will actively coordinate the public security organs to carry out strict investigation and crackdown on the disclosure of passenger information leakage of third -party network channel agencies.

The WeChat public account of the "Shanghai Rumor Platform" under the Jiefang Daily reported on the 18th of this month that some passengers encountered "refund and change" telecommunications fraud.Before the aircraft took off, the passenger received SMS such as "cancellation of flights", prompting passengers to get compensation. When faith, the true passenger thought that the real passenger could download the designated app according to the "customer service" request, start the screen sharing, and remotely operate according to the requirements of "customer service".However, it was found that the deposit in the card was all empty.

Some netizens posted that after buying a ticket on the travel ticket platform, they suddenly received a call from claiming to be related staff, and accurately reported the flight information of the netizen.The other party said that due to its flight delay and purchasing delay insurance in advance, it can get 600 yuan (RMB, S $ 112) for compensation.The other party also presented him with an official payment account of the airline.However, in the process of paying the payment process, the other party asked him to download an APP called "Full Vision", and asked the screen to recording to provide the process of transferring the transfers.information.The netizen believed that the risk of being stolen by personal information was rejected the request of the other party.

Industry insiders pointed out that "retreating and changing" frauds have emerged more than 10 years ago. Only with the increase in the number of passengers traveling by plane, more and more passengers have encountered this scam.This type of fraud often seizes the psychology of worrying the itinerary before traveling, supplemented by the temptation such as refund compensation, and the complicated operation process to induce passengers to enter the trap.