China Financial Media reported that the Shanghai Bolgar Hotel, known for its high -priced luxury, is planned to be sold.

The First Fiscal and Economics On Sunday (October 15) reported that OCT announced that the company's indirect non -all -funded affiliated company Overseas Chinese Town plans to sell it on the Beijing Property Rights Exchange to publicize the sale of Shanghai Suhe Bay publicly publicly.Some of the assets of the project, the reserve price of the relevant target is determined by OCT, and the transaction price is not less than 2.43 billion yuan (RMB, the same below, about S $ 456 million).

Announcement shows that the project planned to be sold in Asia this time is specifically for 5-18, 11, 16–18, 108, Shanbei Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai;, 120, 126; Tianyi Road 673, 677, 681; No. 17, 23, Henan North Road; No. 33, 39, 51, Henan North Road, and 1 -3 ground corridors;-2 layer.

The first financial query public information learned that 108, Shanbei Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai is the address of Bulgari Hotel.According to public information, the total construction area of ​​the Shanghai Suhewan project is about 430,000 square meters, including residential, administrative mansion, Bulgari Hotel, Bulgari apartment, artist studio, etc.

In the above announcement, OCT Asia also further explained assets: the sales assets were the hotel series assets of the Suhewan project.According to the brand arrangement with the authorized person, the main body of hotel real estate is currently used as a hotel operation and providing supporting services.Continuing the brand arrangement (if.) It must depend on whether the buyer and the brand authorized person can negotiate.

The Bulgari Hotel opened in 2018 and is the sixth Pokémon Hotel in the world.The hotel attracted the attention of the outside world as soon as it opened, because its ultra -high room price and business conference offer.For example, the price of most five -star hotels at more than 1,000 yuan to more than 2,000 yuan, while the price of Shanghai Bulgari is more than 6,000 yuan per night.

Zhao Huanhuan, the first financial and economic expert, analyzed: "The positioning of the Bulgari Hotel is different from that of ordinary five -star hotels.. But the three years of the epidemic must have an impact on the hotel accommodation business, especially the closure rate of high -priced hotels has fallen a lot. "

Zhao Huanzhen also said:"It takes a certain amount of time to sell some assets of the Shanghai Suhewan project in China.If you change the card, it depends on the negotiation of the receiver and the manager.Turnover, the cash inflow generated by the transaction can be used to repay loans and loans, and reduce the group's interest check liabilities and achieve investment income.