(Moscow Comprehensive News) Russian President Putin will visit China on Tuesday (17th) to participate in the "Belt and Road" Forum. In an interview with Chinese official media, Russia said from the Belt and RoadChina conquer others' attempts.

According to China CCTV News, Putin made the above statement in high -end interviews and interviews broadcast on Sunday (15th) broadcast on CCTV.

Putin said that the Belt and Road Initiative is fully consistent with the idea of ​​the development of the Eurasian Economic Alliance in Russia. Participants will realize mutual benefit. Russia is willing to promote the implementation of the initiative with China.

He also said that no one in China has imposed anything to others in the cooperation framework. This is the difference between the Belt and Road Initiative and some projects promoted by some countries with colonial colors.

Putin will visit China from 17th to 18th of this month, and will attend the Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum in Beijing.This is the second time that the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant in March this year. Putin left the Russian territory for the second time after visiting Gilgisan last week.

Reuters reports that Putin will meet with Chinese officials to continue to deepen China -Russia's "unlimited" partnership.China -Russia energy cooperation will be the focus of this discussion between the two countries. Since the outbreak of the Ukraine conflict, Russia has consolidated its energy relations with China.

Putin said last Friday (13th) that the two sides will discuss cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, and also intend to develop the initiative of large Eurasian partners and Eurasian alliances. It will also discuss new energy routes and promote the settlement of the country.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on Sunday, a report on the US Congress issued a report last week, saying that the United States must be at the same time as China and Russia are ready , Putin responded in an interview with Russian media: "I don't think this is rational thought, this is nonsense, scare each other."