Kim Jiancong, CEO of the Campaign of Hou Youyi, held a press conference, calling on the party's presidential candidate Ke Wenzhe not to "spend the belly of others with his own heart", etc., the campaign spokesman Chen Zhizhen responded to the campaign office of Ke Wenzhe, criticizing Jin JiancongOn the one hand, it was said that it was the most goodwill, and on the one hand, it was "different."

Comprehensive Taiwan media reported that the people and the Kuomintang did not have a consensus on the most powerful candidates.Jin Yicong held a press conference on Sunday (October 15) to call on Ke Wenzhe not to spend the belly of others with his own heart.Said: "I'm speechless."

Chen Zhizheng issued a statement response.She first claimed that Jin Jiancong was "Teacher Jin", and said that he was an expert on polls. He must understand that any polls are "random sampling" to avoid consciously filtering the mother's body and causing sampling imbalances and errors.public opinion.

Chen Zhizhen said in the statement: "Teacher Jin has repeatedly emphasized that there are still three months before the vote, the polls are not necessarily accurate, so the primary election is not the same.'Election, any primary election advocated by Teacher Jin, now the voting cannot be equal to future public opinion.Under time conditions, the people's party advocates reflecting public opinion in scientific ways, rather than filtering public opinion one by one, leaving only some political enthusiastic participants, and it is difficult to show mainstream public opinion.

Chen Zhizhen also asked Jin Jicong, saying that he repeatedly denied the reliability and effectiveness of the polls, so why the Kuomintang president's primary election must choose to comprehensively evaluate the polls and other methods. "This pair of Chairman Guo Taiming chairmanIs it fair?She also mentioned that Jin Yicong seemed to be unable to answer how to quickly establish a roster to protect important issues such as security and related rights and interests.

Chen Zhizheng finally pointed out in the statement that Jin Yicong was connected to Ke Wenzhe's personal attack and emotional term on Sunday. On the one hand, he said that he was the most goodwill. He hoped to talk again as soon as possible.