Recently, netizens reported that Su Mou, deputy director of the urban management bureau of Xiangshui County, Jiangsu, and a female teacher attracted attention to the death of poisoning in the car.

On January 31, the reporter confirmed from local official channels that the two had died 10 days ago.Officials said that after the incident, the local police and disciplinary inspection departments involved in the investigation and preliminary understanding that the two did died in carbon monoxide poisoning in the car.

There is no legitimate relationship between the two people in the network. Because the two have died, there is no evidence to confirm the investigation.Officials said that local or safety warning education activities were carried out on this matter.At present, aftercare matters are in progress.

Why is carbon monoxide poisoning in the car?

It is reported that the main causes of carbon monoxide poisoning in the car are the main reasons for turning off the air conditioner. The engine is in a state of idle speed. The car is closed well and the air in the car does not circulate the carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is mainly due to the damage to the central nervous system caused by the long -term hypoxia of the human body, which may cause a consciousness or death for a while.It can also cause complications such as cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, and permanent injury of the brain.Poisoning is weak limbs, weak bodies, blurred consciousness, chest pain, nausea and vomiting.

Traffic Police Reminder

Do not open the air conditioner for a long time when you enter the winter car, let alone driving the air conditioner to sleep in the parking car, so as not to unknowingly occur carbon monoxide poisoning.Even during driving, the window should be opened appropriately to keep the air inside and outside the car circulating.If you feel dizzy and weak with air -conditioned cars, you should open the window to breathe fresh air in time and consider whether carbon monoxide poisoning is considered under the premise of excluding motion sickness and other causes.It is found that someone in the car carbon monoxide poisoning should be quickly parked, and all the windows and doors should be opened, and then the poisoner is transferred to the ventilated and warm place. The collar and belt are unbuttoned to facilitate the smooth breathing.

According to the new Yellow River