(Bloomberg, Washington) said sources as saying that American Space Exploration Technology (SpaceX) is creating a network consisting of hundreds of spy satellites.If this plan is successful, it will greatly improve the ability of the United States and the U.S. military to quickly discover potential goals in the world.

Reuters Saturday (March 16) quoted five informed sources that this satellite spy network was constructed by the business department of Starshield, a space exploration technology company, which is the United States of the United States that manages the spy satellite.The Investigation Bureau (NRO) signed a contract with a contract of US $ 1.8 billion (about S $ 2.4 billion) in 2021.

According to the contract, the Space Exploration Technology Company will build a powerful new spy system. The system consists of hundreds of satellites. It has the ability to imagine the earth and can run in the form of bee colony.

Sources said the contract shows that the connection between the aerospace company of billionaire entrepreneurs Musk is deepening.

The Space Exploration Technology Company and the National Investigation Agency have not responded to relevant reports so far.The National Investigation Agency stated last year that it plans to increase the number of its rail spaceware by 2033.

Spy -satellite confidential star group is one of the most thirsty space capabilities for the US government because it aims to provide the most long -lasting, comprehensive and fastest coverage to the event on the earth.