Source: Hong Kong Zhongtong News Agency

Author: Li Yanzhou

On November 19, local time, Argentina held the second round of presidential elections.The candidate for the "Free Anti -Party" of the Right -wing Election Alliance, Harvey Micray, a member of the parliament, was elected as the new president of Argentina with a voting rate of 55.95%.Why can such a very right president be elected?Some experts said that the main reason is that Argentine voters seek to change their hearts.

The 52 -year -old Milai, an economist, is the founder and main leader of Argentina's "free advance party".

It is reported that as the second largest economy in South America, Argentina is facing a serious economic crisis.As Argentina's inflation rate has reached 142.7%, and the country's economic growth has slowed seriously over the years, nearly two -fifths of people live in poverty.The Argentine people complained that the increasing prices of prices, and instead tried their best to save clothes and shrink.One of the important reasons for the Argentine Presidential Election is the election of extreme right -wing politicians Miri.A series of measures such as comprehensive US dollars, closing the Argentine central bank, and reducing social welfare have been favored by voters.

Milai is known for its radical point of view and excellent words and deeds. His messy hairstyle won the nickname of "La Peluca" ("Wig").In addition, the controversy caused by Miller is that he supports the legalization of organ trading, implemented a loose gun control policy, and prohibits the legalization of abortion.

Why are the right people be elected?Jiang Shixue, a specially -appointed professor at Shanghai University, said in an interview with the Hong Kong News Agency on the 20th that the main reason he was elected was that Argentine voters were seeking change.Because the economic situation in Argentina has been bad in recent years, the people's lives have not improved, and the inflation rate has remained high.Therefore, Argentine voters are "urgent to vote for medical treatment", hoping that this right -wing president will make Argentina get rid of difficulties.

Jiang Shixue further explained that in fact, Latin America's right -wing forces have always been very strong, but in recent years, they have not paid much attention to Right -wing for Latin America.In Argentina, the right -wing president came to power the previous year, but now Mirley is right, a very right.

As for whether the relationship between Argentina and China will change after Milai came to power, Jiang Shixue believes that it is unlikely.He said that it should be said that the relationship between China and Latin American countries is not based on ideology, but based on win -win cooperation. Therefore, whether the relationship between the left or right wings is on the stage, the relationship between China and the Latin American countries will not undergo fundamental changes.EssenceTherefore, although Miller said some bad words during the campaign, he should not make Sino -Arab relations turn or retreat after he came to power. After all, Argentina's economy needs China help.At that time, Brazilian President Bosonaro also said many words that were not conducive to China during the campaign, but after he came to power, he basically maintained the relationship between the two countries.However, the United States likes Latin American right -wing government. Therefore, if Mirley takes some measures that are not conducive to Sino -Arab relations, the United States is of course enjoying it.