Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang promised that China will promote the opening up of larger, higher levels and deeper cooperation with practical actions, including expanding imports, further relaxation of market access, and implementing foreign investment restrictions in the manufacturing field.

Li Qiang's ons speaking at the opening ceremony of the 6th China International Import Expo held in Shanghai at the opening ceremony of the 6th China International Import Expo held on Sunday (November 5th) emphasized that this year is the 45th anniversary of China's reform and opening up.Open footsteps have never paused, and the determination to share development opportunities with the world never changed. "

In a speech of about 20 minutes, Li Qiang explained how China will promote cooperation and opening up from four aspects: market opportunities, rules docking, innovative momentum, and tolerance sharing.He said that China will actively expand import, protect foreign investment rights and interests in accordance with the law, promote the orderly and free flow of data in accordance with the law, and resolutely maintain the authority and effectiveness of the multilateral trading system.

According to the data released by the General Administration of China last month, China was imported in September in September.Uh decreased by 6.2%year -on -year, and declined for seven consecutive months.According to the data released by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange last week, the foreign direct investment in the third quarter was 11.8 billion US dollars (the same, STD 16 billion), which was the first negative since the record in 1998, showing that foreign businessmen have withdrawn more capital with China more capital to withdraw money from China.Investment.

Li Qiang also said that in order to better play the important role of Shanghai's opening to the outside world, the official will soon introduce the overall plan to comprehensively integrate the international high -standard economic and trade rules, promote the high -level institutional opening of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and build silk in Shanghai.Road e -commerce cooperation first zone.

This is the first time that the Prime Minister of the State Council instead of the State President has delivered a keynote speech since the Expo was held in 2018.Chinese officials said in a letter to the vice -prime minister He Lifeng for the sake of the letter that he hopes that the Expo will give full play to the role of high -level opening up and make the Chinese market a large market sharing in the world.

The Australian Prime Minister Albanis, then said, said that the Australian government will continue to launch constructive cooperation with China because "the relationship between establishing dialogue and cooperation is in line with the interests of all of us."

Albanis, which starts the trip to China on Saturday (4th), is The first Australian Prime Minister who visited China for seven years .In his speech, he described Sino -Australian relations with "maturity", and said that the complementarity of the economy of the two countries was inject vitality into bilateral relations.After the opening ceremony, Albanis also went to the Food and Agricultural Products Exhibition Area at the Expo to communicate with Australian exhibitors.

In addition to Albanis, foreign dignitaries attending the opening ceremony also include Cuban Prime Minister Malero, Kazakhstan Prime Minister Smelov, Serbian Prime Minister Bulnibic, UN Secretary -General of Trade and Development, Greenspan.

The 6th Expo was held in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th, attracting 3,486 companies in 128 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition.Li Qiang pointed out that more than 200 participating companies this year have been "full diligence" for six consecutive years.In the past five sessions, more than 15,800 companies in 131 countries and regions have participated in the exhibition, with a total of nearly $ 350 billion in intention.

The Ministry of Agriculture of the United States led 17 US agricultural products companies to participate in the Expo._Blank> The United States was the first to participate in the Federal Government level, and it was also the largest and highest -level agricultural delegation that has visited China since 2016.Li Qiang mentioned in his speech that the exhibition area of ​​American companies at the Expo has ranked first for many years.

Sanchez, director of the Beijing Office of the American Grain Association, told the United Zard that after China ’s relief control of epidemic prevention control, the association sent more than 20 representatives from the United States to Shanghai to participate in the Expo." This was unimaginable last year.A few people in China can come to the exhibition.