The National Medical Security Bureau responded to netizens' messages that the regulations and policies issued by the bureau have never set up a maximum limit on the number of hospitalization and medical expenses.

According to a press release issued by the Chinese Government Network on Friday (October 13), the network recently received a message from multiple netizens to reflect the upper limit of the hospital's hospitalization days and treatment costs.The transfer to the hospital not only spend more money, but also affect treatment.

Some netizens said that the critical patients at home were hospitalized and had to be discharged in 15 days. After a period of rest at home, they were hospitalized.Pay the standard money to worsen the family that was stretched by the treatment cost.

Another netizen reported that the local hospital requested the surgical hospitalization fee limit to be RMB 780,000 (approximately S $ 13,000 to S $ 15,000). Once surpassed, he had to transfer.Each admission and various inspections and blood drawing.

The National Medical Insurance Administration of China received a reply after receiving a message from the Chinese government network to the netizen, saying that there were no regulations on the number of hospitals and the cost of hospitalization and a single treatment cost in the issued medical insurance related regulations and policies.

The Medical Insurance Bureau said that in 2022, the National Medical Insurance Bureau of China issued a notice on comprehensive investigation and unreasonable restrictions on medical insurance, requiring local medical insurance departments to conduct a comprehensive in -depth investigation of unreasonable restrictions on medical institutions and places where problems exist.Clean up.

The Medical Insurance Bureau said that it is understood that some medical institutions may set up some extensive management measures to complete the assessment indicators such as "average hospitalization" and "sub -cost".The Medical Insurance Bureau will guide places with the health department to effectively strengthen the training and management of medical institutions, and urge them to provide reasonable medical services to the people.

The Medical Insurance Bureau also hopes that the insured will report to the local medical insurance department in a timely manner when encountering such damage to the medical rights and interests that the medical insurance department will handle the medical institutions strictly in accordance with the medical insurance designated agreement.