Wang Ruijie, deputy prime minister and economic policy coordinated by China, pointed out that Singapore and China can continue to deepen the relationship between bilateral trade and investment on the real basis, and explore how to use finance to promote the development of real economy and control.

Wang Ruijie met on Wednesday (April 10) with the Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng in Beijing. This is the first formal talks between the two.According to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Ruijie and He Lifeng welcomed the active development of trade and investment relationships between the two countries, and discussed how to strengthen bilateral economic exchanges and strengthen the importance of financial interconnection and cross -border capital flow.

In addition, He Lifeng also shared his views on China's main economic work with Wang Ruijie.They also exchanged opinions on regional and international economic and financial development, including the importance of maintaining financial stability.

Wang Ruijie said that the new China economic relations have been deepened over the years. The newly upgraded new China Free Trade Agreement and the China -Asian Square Free Trade Agreement will provide a good framework for deepening China with Singapore and China.Essence

He pointed out that the two countries have a solid foundation, can continue to deepen bilateral trade and investment relationships, and contribute to regional and global development."We can also work together to ensure stability of finance and explore how to use finance to promote the development of the real economy and control the risks to prevent crisis."

He Lifeng participated in the creation of Zhongxin Tianjin Ecological City while working in Tianjin more than ten years ago when he worked in Tianjin, and worked with the first two new presidents of Tianjin Ecological City Company Wu Caiwen and He Dongyan.

Zhongxin Tianjin Ecological City Investment Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. He Lifeng, the then deputy secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the chairman of the Binhai New District Working Committee, served as the company's first chairman of the board of directors.He Lifeng revealed that in order to allow him to serve this position, the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee was reported to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China for approval.

He Lifeng takes the three new Chinese government cooperation projects of Suzhou Industrial Park, Tianjin Ecological City and China and Singapore (Chongqing) Strategic Interconnection Demonstration Project as an example.Continuously promote the economic and trade relations and humanities exchanges between the two countries, and to promote relations in various fields to a new level.

Wang Ruijie also faced with the Minister of Science and Technology Yin and Jun on the same day, promoting the exchange views such as green development and the development of artificial intelligence and moral development.

Wang Ruijie pointed out that how to take into account the development of the economy, enhance the people's lives and protect the environment is an important issue for the world.China can provide reference for many developing countries in this regard, and scientific and technological innovation will play an important role in this process.

Yin and Jun Rong Wang Ruijie are "old friends of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China". He thanked Wang Ruijie for paying great attention to and actively promoting scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries, and looking forward to new progress in bilateral scientific and technological innovation cooperation.

Wang Ruijie posted on Facebook that night pointed out that the meeting held in Beijing this day was effective.He said: "Singapore and China have long -term cooperative relationships. We should take this as the basis to deal with common challenges such as climate change, public health and population aging, and create new opportunities for the people of the two countries."

.After ending the four -day Beijing trip, he went to Shenzhen on Wednesday evening. In the next two days, he will meet with local leaders and visit local companies.