(Bangkok / Yangon Composite Electric) Although the Myanmar military government reached a ceasefire agreement with Myanmar's "Three Brothers Alliance Organizations", Myanmar ’s local armed forces continued to attack the city in the border area and conflicted with government forces.

After mediation in China, the Burmese Army held peace talks with representatives of the Danjun, De Ang Army, and Ruo Kaijun in Kunming, China last Friday (January 12) to reach a formal ceasefire agreement.

However, just on Sunday (14th), the "three brothers" formed by the Jianga Army, De Ang Army, and Ruo Kaijun referred to the government forces to launch an offensive to many towns in Laun State.

The Myanmar military spokesman Zu Min swallowed Monday (15th) that after the ceasefire agreement came into effect, the Burmese army did not participate in any air raid or military operations.

The government forces have withdrawn from the old street of the Citu -China Capital in the northern Kokang Autonomous Region in the early January, and the civilians have occupied the Burmese military facilities in other cities and towns in Laun State.Locai is located in the northeast of Myanmar and borders China. Many towns are cross -border trade centers in Myanmar.

According to Reuters, Ruokaijun in Western Myanmar's Ruo Kaibang claimed to capture Paletwa near the Qinbang border town near India and Bangladesh.If the Kaijun spokesman Kim Daka issued a statement saying that if the Kaijun army will take over the administrative and judicial judicialness of Beliva, we will try to cooperate with neighbors as much as possible.

The public photos of Ruojun's online show showed that his armed personnel were guarding outside the Bailiva Police Department and the local government office.Ruojun also claims to occupy six military bases located on the Burmese and India border.

The Burmese Army command system may not effectively convey the ceasefire order

Nikkei Asia reported that the Fire Fire Agreement in Northern Myanmar seems to have failed to exit the war, and the outside world could not help worrying that the Military command system of the Burmese Army was faulty and could not effectively convey the ceasefire order.

The region between Langbang and Qinbang is a key area for the construction of the "Belt and Road" infrastructure in China.China hopes to bypasses the shipping route of the China Sea of Vietnam with this so -called China -Myanmar Economic Corridor.At present, China and Myanmar are promoting public -private cooperation to build special economic zones and deep -water port facilities in Kyaukphyu.