Reuters inspects the bidding documents and found that Chinese military institutions, state -owned artificial intelligence research institutions and universities have purchased Nvidia chips banned by the United States in the past year.

According to the exclusive report of Reuters on Monday (January 15), the public bidding documents have shown that since the US implementA800 and H800 chips, which were banned from exporting to China in 2022, and Nvidia, which were developed for the Chinese market and was banned in October last year.

Reuters checked the bidding of more than 100 Chinese physical procurement A100 chips, and dozens of bids for the purchase of A800 after October last year found that the purchase of chips includes elite universities and two restrictions on exports to the United States.The entity -Harbin University of Technology and China University of Electronic Science and Technology are accused of related to the Chinese military.

Among them, Harbin Institute of Technology purchased six A100 chips for training deep learning models in May last year. China University of Electronic Science and Technology purchased a A100 chip in December 2022. It is unknown.

The bidding announced last month also showed that Tsinghua University purchased two H100 chips, and a laboratory under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China also purchased a H100 chip.

In addition, according to the tendering of a military database, a Chinese PLA entity located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, seemed to buy three A100 chips in October last year and seek to buy a H100 chip this month.

Most bidding shows that these chips are used for artificial intelligence.However, most of the purchases are very small, far from the number of complicated artificial intelligence models from the beginning.

Reuters has discovered through the exception that Nvidia and the company's approved suppliers are not among the suppliers.It is unclear how these suppliers purchase Nvidia chips.

Reported that after the US implementation of chip ban, the underground market in China has sprung up.Chinese suppliers have previously stated that after Nvidia sells chips to large US companies, they will buy excess inventory entering the market, or import them through local registered companies in India, Singapore and other places.

It is reported that the existence of these Chinese suppliers highlights the difficulties faced by Washington in completely cutting off China to obtain advanced American chips. These chips may promote the Chinese army to make breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and advanced computers.