Jingqiang Xinyun

The rhythm of China's relaxation of epidemic prevention is unexpected.One month ago, the official "20" measures to optimize the epidemic prevention policy were inspired by the outside world, but no one was sure how fast China would "shift" and would it be two steps further.

In late November, the demonstration of protest against high -pressure epidemic prevention measures broke out in many places; the senior officials of China were loosened at the end of November, indicating that the pathogenicity of Omikon's strains weakened, and emphasized that the prevention and control of the epidemic facing a new situation and new tasks.In just two weeks later, except for the isolation restrictions on the entry personnel, the remaining epidemic prevention measures were almost loosened.

The nuclear acid pavilion in the city "consensively starts up" overnight, asymptomatic and mild infected people are allowed to recover at home, and people in various places no longer require persons who move across regions to provide nucleic acid proofs, and no longer implement floor detection isolation.At 00:00 on Tuesday (December 13), the "Communication Big Data Study Card", which tracked the flow of personnel under the epidemic, also officially entered history.

At the meeting of the press room this week, colleagues of headquarters mentioned that some scholars described China to establish an immune barrier in the whole society within three or four months, and during this period, "shock therapy" will be affected.After listening to Chinese colleagues, is it called "completely lying down"?Another colleague teased, not just "lying down", it was simply "pouring".

After the liberalization of the prevention measures to guard against the death, the epidemic blooms in some cities in China.In the past week, half of the colleagues in the Beijing office have been diagnosed. In the past few days, the roads and public places in Beijing have been quiet as a city. Many people no longer go out because of infection.Looking at the current situation, recalling the epidemic prevention in the past three years, it is like a next generation.

Beijing is one of the cities that have a large -scale epidemic in the cities that have a large -scale epidemic after liberalization of epidemic prevention measures.Although the official data did not show the surge in cases, from the ratio of the infection of the people around them, the scope of the dissemination of the epidemic and the number of diagnostic people believe that it is far beyond the official notification data.The medical system in Beijing has been severely tested in recent days. The local Health and Health Commission revealed that last Sunday (December 11), the city ’s popular kidney consultation patients had reached 220,000, which was 16 times a week ago.

According to the Economic Observation Network and other reports, drugs such as fever, cough, anti -inflammatory and other drugs are sold out in Beijing. Not only are pharmacies short of stock, some hospitals are also facing shortage of drugs, and even doctors infected with crown disease cannot buy medicine.The hospital's outpatient clinic was lined up with long people. Because they could not buy the thermometer and antipyretic medicine, the public had to pour to the hospital for treatment.

In addition to various drugs, even canned yellow peach has become a hot product.Why is it canned yellow peach?Chinese friends said that this is feelings. Since childhood, I have eaten canned yellow peaches and welcomed the crown disease. It is always a bit of spiritual sustenance; some netizens have introduced that "peach" and "escape" homophonic representatives, which represents the fugitives.Cold medicine, some canned yellow peach can be considered a psychological comfort.

China has taken the key step out of the "clear zero", the command stick turns, and the over -epidemic prevention becomes a "coexistence" at an unexpected rhythm.From one extreme to another, it can't help but make people feel a little frightened.In the past three years, China has consumed huge resources for clearing zero, but has not prepared sufficient preparations for "coexisting with the virus". Whether it is the elderly vaccination or the construction of the basic medical system, it has not established a complete protection barrier.

The pessimist believes that China's trouble has just begun.Huang Yanzhong, the Global Health Institute of Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Foreign Relations Commission, issued a warning at the New York Times last week that if a quarter of the Chinese population was infected within six months after the government relaxed, this proportion was with the United States and Europe's Austrian Austrian.The MCOR outbreak -China may eventually have 363 million people infected and about 620,000 deaths, and 30,000 people live in the intensive care unit every day.

However, when the Chinese people are facing a mighty epidemic, they also show amazing adaptability, making people see that China transitions from "clearing" to the hope of "coexisting".From the "clear zero" to "coexistence", whether the people can overcome panic psychology and scientifically understand the virus during the martial arts epidemic of the Wuhan outbreak three years ago.The Chinese official media recently invited Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to appeal to the people intensively, hoping to strictly prevent the end of the three years.

From the perspective of the people's response to the epidemic in the past week, the acceptance of Chinese society to crown diseases is not low, and the people even reveal a kind of toughness that calmly embraces storms.Although the people in Beijing are queuing out of the hospital's purchase of medical supplies and the outpatient clinic of the hospital, more people are also receiving the reality of infection virus and home rehabilitation with their ordinary heart.Netizens also made a joke of the crown disease, saying that they were the characters in Jin Yong's martial arts novels, Yang Guo (homophonic "Yang Guo") and Yang Kang (Homophoic "Yang Kang"); there were people in anxiety, and everyone around him was "yang".Why isn't it my turn?

China, in China with significant regional differences and group differences. Compared with other regions, large cities have more advantages in medical resources, local financial resources, and public health awareness, and have better conditions to fight against the aggressive epidemic.Beijing's experience may not be copied to other regions. After China moves towards "coexistence", how can crown disease develop and whether it can carry it in the past is still too early.However, as the capital, the experience of Beijing has the significance of the vane. If Beijing can survive this storm, more places will see the hope of the post -epidemic era and the rest of life.