Professor Wang Hongren at the Department of Political Science, Taiwan Chengcheng University of Chenggang University in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post, shows that there is no breakthrough in the Ukrainian issue that China and Russia are concerned about.Meet the expectations of Europe, America or Ukraine.

The highly anticipated Sino -Russian Health Peak Summit ended on Tuesday (March 21). After the meeting, the meeting jointly stated that it was expected to reiterate the close relationship between the two countries, and at the same time emphasized cooperation in energy and large supplies.Scholars believe that the economic significance of this meeting is higher than the significance of military security. As for the content of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is still difficult to meet European and American expectations.

After the Russian President Putin was charged with the crime of war, and was issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Chinese official Monday still went to Moscow on Monday for a three -day visit.The two sides signed two joint statements and more than 10 cooperation documents on the 21st to show their support for each other.

In a joint statement on deepening the comprehensive strategic collaboration partnership in the new era, the two sides proposed that China -Russia relations are not similar to the military and political alliances during the Cold War, but to surpass that national relationship model.For the nature of the third country.At the same time, it emphasizes that "Russia needs prosperity and stability in China, and China needs strong and successful Russia."

Statement also described that China and Russia are prioritized to each other as their partners, and are willing to further deepen the relationship between the two countries and the development of dialogue mechanisms in various fields.Agree to strengthen the exchange of foreign rule of law and legislative experience; agree to negotiate the annual meeting of the Minister of Public Security and the Ministry of the Interior to strengthen the prevention of the "Color Revolution"; regularly organize maritime, air joint cruise and joint training, and deepen military mutual trust.

The statement also mentioned the positions of the two sides in the central East, Central Asia, North Korea, as well as regional hot issues such as the Taiwan Strait, as well as the security concerns of the two countries in geopolitical politics.

For example, the two countries seriously concern the Northern Atlantic Convention Organization (NATO) gradually expand the deployment in Asia, as well as the establishment of the "three -sided security partnership" (Aukus) in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and accused the United States of implementing the "Indo -Pacific Strategy Strategy Strategy", Has a negative impact on regional peace and stability.

Regarding the Ukraine crisis, the statement stated that the Russian side welcomes that China is willing to play an active role in solving the Ukraine crisis through political diplomacy channels, and China is welcome to political resolution of the Ukrainian crisis.The two sides also believe that responsible dialogue is the best way to solve problems steadily.

Wang Hongren, a professor at the Department of Political Science at Taiwan's successful university, analyzed in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post. The statement showed that China and Russia did not make much breakthroughs in the Ukrainian issue in the West and failed to meet the expectations of Europe and the United States or Ukraine.However, he believes that at least the joint statement mentioned that China and Russia agreed that dialogue was the best way to solve the Russian and Ukraine problems. If Chinese officials also talked with Ukraine President Zeelianzki in the future, it may be expected that Russia and Ukraine had the possibility of further dialogue.

Scholars: Russia has continuously increased its dependence on China's economic trend

Song Wendi, a lecturer in the Asia -Pacific College of the National University of Australia, pointed out to this newspaper that before gaining a clear evidence that China is willing to more actively regulate Russia and Ukraine's conflict, it is difficult to change Western countries' negative sense of Beijing as not enough.

China -Russia's heads of state also signed a joint statement for economic cooperation in the next seven years, which particularly emphasized that "consolidating all -round energy partnerships."

When talking with Chinese official talks on the 21st, Putin also emphasized that Russia can meet China's daily energy demand. It has reached all agreements on the planned "Siberian Power 2" pipeline to prepare to increase natural gas to China.

However, Chinese officials have not made a commitment to purchase natural gas, and the Chinese press release has not mentioned this project.

Song Wendi analyzed that although this talks projected the image of Sino -Russian military security and close cooperation to a certain extent, the actual part of cooperation was the economic interest.He believes that Russia has a trend of continuously increasing China's economy, and may have long been a vassal of China's economy.

In contrast to the joint statement, it is mentioned that on the basis of the "marketization principle", the development of long -term reciprocal supply cooperation in the field of commodities and mineral resources in the field of commodities and mineral resources.