In response to the DPP presidential candidate Lai Qingde's statement about "the Constitution of the Republic of China brings disasters", Taiwan Cai Yingwen further explained at the New Year's Day press conference that the Constitution of the Republic of China is not a risk, and the connection with the "1992 consensus" is only.In response to the Chinese official in Mainland China, Chinese officials mentioned that "the unity of the motherland is the inevitable of history" in the New Year's congratulations, Cai Yingwen emphasized that the Taiwanese will make a decision with the will of the Taiwanese.

Tsai Ing -wen Monday (January 1) After the last New Year's conversation in the presidential palace, he responded above in the media joint interview.

Lai Qingde doubted the "Republic of China" as the "Guardian Mountain" on both sides of the strait during the television debate on Saturday on Saturday. Is it necessary to promote peace or bring disaster to Taiwan? He later claimed to be misunderstanding , saying that he talked less about the "Constitution" less than the "Constitution".The two words described the "Constitution of the Republic of China" as "the Republic of China", but it was still criticized by the wild party as "disaster -level disaster".Essence

This "error" storm has been burned for two days on the Taiwan media.Tsai Ing -wen said at a press conference on Monday that he served as the "President of the Republic of China" and handled cross -strait affairs in accordance with the constitution and cross -strait people's relations regulations and other related regulations.Similarly, I have done this for the past eight years. "

She said that the 1992 consensus is a political basis for the Kuomintang to negotiate and interact with mainland China. It is actually two different things with the "Constitution of the Republic of China".The two consensus with the constitution will make the Constitution of the Republic of China fall into the risk of 1992 consensus. This is a truly worrying place. "

Chinese officials said at the 40th anniversary of Taiwan's compatriots on January 2, 2019, and described the 1992 consensus as "the" reaching the "Cross -Strait on the basis of a China principle belongs to the same China, and work together to seek national unity '."And for the first time, it proposed to explore the policy proposition of the" one country, two systems, Taiwan ".The Democratic Progressive Party said that Beijing will be equivalent to the 1992 consensus with one country, two systems.

January 2 this year is the five anniversary of China's official proposal to the "one country, two systems, Taiwan".In response to questions from Taiwan media, Tsai Ing -wen said that mainland Chinese leaders have set the consensus of 1992, the principles of the first China, and the one country and two systems. This is the three -in -one solution of Taiwan. This is "the biggest risk of the sovereignty of Taiwan in Taiwan."She also secretly criticized the Kuomintang to continue to use the consensus of 1992 as the secret language, expressing to the people of Taiwan to communicate with mainland China, and said that "communication is important, but the exchange of sovereignty is too heavy."

Chinese officials published on the last day of 2023, "The unity of the motherland is history inevitable" .Cai Yingwen responded to this. Where the cross -strait relations go, the most important thing is to meet the principles of democracy and make a decision with the common will of Taiwanese.

The Customs Taxation Committee of the State Council of Mainland China December 21 Cooperation Architecture Agreement (ECFA) Termer tariff reduction discounts on petrochemical tax products.Regarding how this measure impacts the election and economy in Taiwan, Tsai Ing -wen replied that the Taiwan industry has gradually got rid of the old path to the first place to the Chinese mainland and then to the world.Political tools cannot turn business mechanisms into political threats.

She said that in terms of ECFA's current scale, economic benefits are limited, and Taiwan still has to decentralized risks and layout globally, and pointed out that there is an unpredictable risk in mainland China.

In addition, Taiwan has resumed one year of compulsory military service from January 1, 2024. The Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan is expected to solicit 9,127 service men this year.In response to the opposition party, the DPP repeatedly criticized the DPP to cause the Taiwan soldiers to be in danger.She said: "Everyone will install door locks at home, not to provoke the neighbors next door, but to make themselves safer.

Cai Yingwen: Leave a "Taiwan in the World" in eight years

When Tsai Ing -wen summarized the eight -year governance in his speech, he mentioned Taiwan's key role in democratic freedom and supply chain. He also described Taiwan to be forgotten in eight years. 23.5 million Taiwanese participated in the world change and participated in the change of the world.She said, "If I asked me what the keywords of these eight years are, I would say the world; if the keywords of the world in these eight years, there must be Taiwan."

Tsai Ing -wen described that Taiwan got rid of the fate of the "" "first to China and then to the world 'set by Taiwan."What do you say next, I will say, I left a 'world of Taiwan'. "