After Hong Kong lifted the epidemic prevention and control measures last year, the number of travelers visited in Hong Kong has not been able to return to the level before the epidemic. Local public opinion proposed to restore the "one signing and multi -line" measures in Shenzhen residents, attracting Shenzhen residents to consumption south and activating the Hong Kong economy.

"One visa and multiple lines" refers to visa that can be used multiple times within the validity period; on the contrary, it is a single visa that can only be used once, also known as "one sign and one line".The "one -signing and multi -line" holder can apply for multiple border entry and exit rights at one time, which is convenient than the "one sign, one line" visa.

Starting from 2009, Shenzhen residents can apply for a "one -signing and multi -line" visa to travel to Hong Kong.However, because of the affected Hong Kong society and other issues, mainland China stopped the relevant policies in 2015 and changed to the "One Walk" endorsement.

Huang Guoquan (56 years old) who engaged in catering business in Hong Kong was interviewed by Lianhe Morning Post that some travel agencies, restaurants and shop experts around them all reflected that due to the insufficient number of tourists and consumption power, they were in a bad business.Dilemma.

Huang Guoquan took the catering industry as an example. After the full switch of Lugang last year, there were few tourists from Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong stock market performance was not ideal.The restaurant on the mid -range route has the most impact.

He said that he hopes that the mainland government has pushed the "one signature and multi -line" policy. "In the past, Shenzhen customers came to Hong Kong, eat in my restaurant, and then returned to Shenzhen that night. If some mainlanders come to Hong Kong,It must be helpful to our business. "

In the past year, the Hong Kong economy has not been as ideal after the termination of the epidemic prevention and control measures, and more and more Hong Kong people hope to restore the "one sign and multiple lines" policy.Hong Kong Department Store and Business Employees Visit 392 members through online questionnaires from the 28th to 5th of this month.It was found that 28.1%and 41.3%of the respondents expressed their support and supporting the residents of Shenzhen households to "one sign and multiple lines."

The survey also showed that 60.8%of the respondents believed that the resumption of "one signing and multiple lines" could help the retail industry in Hong Kong, and 65.8%of them supported the measures to expand the measures to other parts of the Greater Bay Area.

Hong Kong Department Store and Vice Chairman of the Commercial Employee Federation, Yan Bowen, pointed out on Thursday (January 11) that if you can re -push "one sign and multiple lines", there are more passengers and will help Hong Kong's retail industry.Essence

The Hong Kong Ming Daily reported in early January that during the period of the Hong Kong Chief Executive Li Jiachang's post in Beijing at the end of last year, he proposed to the central government to relax free travel to Hong Kong, including increasing the free city city, restoring "one signature and multi -line", and improving visit to Hong Kong to visit Hong Kong.The tax exemption of mainland travelers hopes to boost Hong Kong's internal consumption.

Hong Kong Legislative Councilor Tian Beichen Tian Beichen revealed on Wednesday (January 10) that Hong Kong and the mainland are discussing the re -promotion of "one sign and multiple lines" before the Lunar New Year. At this stage, the opening scope of Shenzhen is mainly to be open toShenzhen residents, or the population living in Shenzhen.He estimates that the next step will be reviewed again to consider whether to expand the "one signature and multi -line" to other Greater Bay areas cities.

The data of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Statistics show that in the end of 2022, the local household registration population was 5.8 million, and the permanent population reached 17.66 million.Tian Beichen believes that "one signature and multi-line" can make it more common to travel and forth today, offset The impact of Hong Kong people north consumption on Hong Kong economy .

However, the Hong Kong Newspaper quoted the insider on Thursday that the mainland's requirements for Hong Kong are not all received in accordance with the order, but because the current consumption atmosphere of the mainland is equally poor.Hong Kong's play will have side effects on the local economy; the mainland government knows that in the near future, Shenzhen has enjoyed the consumer dividends in the north of the Hong Kong people. Because of the principles of morality and fairness, it is willing to restart the "one signature" of Shenzhen household registration residents.As for whether the policy will expand to Shenzhen's residents and even the entire Greater Bay Area, it depends on how much influence in the Hong Kong government.

In fact, Hong Kong society also has doubts about the effect of re -establishment of "one sign, multi -line".Yan Bowen believes that the re -establishment of "one signing and multiple lines" and expanding applicable cities can increase the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong, but the form of retail in mainland China has changed.The economic effects driven by one sign "are not as good as before.

He pointed out that Hong Kong government and Hong Kong companies need to think about how to differentiate tourism experience, community characteristics, and product quality.Story20240109-1460800 "Roth = NOFOLLOW TARGET = _blank> to re-attract passengers to visit Hong Kong .

Gao Weiji, a member of the North District of Hong Kong, near Shenzhen, believes that in recent years, parallel customers have decreased. If they are re -pushed "one signing and multiple lines", I believe that the problem of parallel goods will no longer be reproduced, but there will be insufficient traffic support.

Gao Weiki said that currently mainland visitors visit to Hong Kong have led to water traffic in the New Territories in busy time, and the increase in passengers may affect traffic.He suggested that the official provides sufficient supporting facilities to take care of the transportation capacity to avoid excessive passengers and affect the lives of residents.