After the summer vacation period of more than two months after the Hong Kong Legislative Council, it finally resumed on Wednesday (October 18).The day happened to be the nomination period of the district council election, and many members of the Legislative Council had to go to the regional regional council candidate to support the vote.However, many people are transformed into "Flash". After attending the event, they soon returned to the Legislative Council building to meet.

Among them, the Liberal Party leader Zhang Yuren arrived at the Eastern Court Building at 11:30 in the morning to accompany the candidate of the Liberal Party Taibei constituency Ruan Jianzhong.At 12 noon, Zhang Yuren had returned to the Legislative Council to attend the meeting.He responded to the Hong Kong media question: "I don't take an hour to go back and forth in the Eastern District."The official first promoted the first Legislative Council with the main theme of "Patriot Governing Hong Kong" in Hong Kong.However, after the Ming Pao statistics earlier, it was found that from January to August this year, two -thirds of the government bills voted at the Legislative Council, and the number of members of the parliament was only half, and it did not reach the legal threshold.Less than 20%.Relevant reports have aroused heated discussions on the society.According to the Sing Tao Daily on Tuesday (17th), the leadership of the Legislative Council ’s establishment faction camp has issued a new guidelines for the phenomenon of attendance in the past year.At the meeting, at least half of the members were in the seat when the non -name voting.Another new provision is during the meeting of the Legislative Council. If the members need to leave the building for more than one hour due to the matter, such as working lunch, meeting with the industry, and lower foundation, etc.EssenceMost Legislative Council members support related practices when interviews.Jiang Yuhuan, a member of the Hong Kong media, said that the low participation rate, said that he has resigned as a legal position of the Hong Kong Railway Corporation, and will put more time to work in the Legislative Council in the future.Huang Jinhui, a member of the election committee of the Deputy Dean of the School of Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, used an analogy in class, saying that as a teacher, he believes that students should attend the classroom.If there is no one over the class, he will feel unnatural.On October 18th, the Legislative Council meeting was resumed after the summer vacation meeting. Most members followed the new guidelines to participate in the meeting on time.In the afternoon of the same day, after completing the second reading debate by the Hong Kong Government's draft of the 2023 product environmental protection responsibility (revision) regulations, he entered the third reading voting.Among all 89 members, at least 78 members were in the seats during voting.The proposal was finally performed with a screening, and no one was obtained under the opposition.The chairman of the Legislative Council, Liang Junyan, was asked afterwards whether the attendance rate was improved. When the parliament was transparent, the parliament operation was transparent.. "Liang Junyan emphasized that it was the responsibility of the public office to perform the public office. The public also had some expectations for the members of the parliament, hoping that the members of the members would" know "(know how to do it).Li Huiqiong, chairman of the Legislative Council's Internal Council, also believes that members of the members perform their duties and actively reflect that public opinion belongs to one of the responsibilities.Li Huiqiong said that it can be seen from the voting of the first day of the resumption. I believe that a member of the members attach great importance to social opinions. "After encouraging, the attendance of today is ideal."During the interview with Lianhe Zaobao, some members of the Legislative Council often absent from parliament. One of the reasons is that they have a full job outside and sometimes it is difficult to take care of both.He suggested that the Legislative Council implemented a full -time system of members, requiring at least a certain percentage of members to work with a certain percentage of members to work in the parliament in order to put more energy to work in parliament and better supervise the Hong Kong government's administration.Chen Weiqiang believes that the current members of the Hong Kong Legislative Council enjoy a 80 -day vacation in the summer vacation. This is a policy tradition left by the British colonial government. It is convenient for British officials to return to China to visit relatives in Hong Kong, but now it is not necessary.In order to improve the image of members in society, the Hong Kong Government should consider shortening the suspension period of the Legislative Council.