Hong Kong singer Eason Chan held a concert in Macau in the middle of this month. When he chatted with the audience during the period, fans suddenly shouted "Mandarin".Eason Chan refused and counterattacked with English, which caused heated discussion on the Internet.

Mr. Tang, a Hong Kong person, happened to be at the scene that day, witnessed the whole thing.In an interview with Lianhe Morning Post, he pointed out that after the crown disease epidemic this year, he had gone to Macau to watch five concerts, most of which were Hong Kong singers' performances.According to his observations, many audiences are Hong Kong people, and there are many Hong Kong people in front of the scenes.He believes that well -known Hong Kong singers like Eason Chan choose to hold a concert in Macau, and it is likely that because the host agencies in Macau can invite famous singers to perform in Macau.

He admits that the venue of Macau concerts is novel, the hotel is beautiful, and the vacation atmosphere is strong. It is very attractive to those who like to watch the concert.

The revenue of the Macau Gaming Industry in the past three years has fallen sharply, which has a great impact on the local economic and social.After the society is constantly this year, the Macau gaming industry has been rejuvenated.At the end of last year, the Macau government signed a new specialized contract with the existing six major bloggers, asking Blog Enterprise to increase the elements of non -gaming.The major bloggers have been put on resources and frequently run recharhoods and other entertainment projects.

Since this year, many superstars have held concerts in Macau, including Jacky Cheung, Guo Fucheng, Eason Chan, Chen Huilin, Zheng Xiuwen, Xu Guanjie, and some singers who are popular in Southeast Asia.Macau has a concert every month. Not only is the local residents dazzling, but foreign passengers have also become a group to go to Australia. The effect of Wangchang is very obvious.

Taking the Eleventh China National Day Golden Week as an example, according to statistics, compared with the Eleven Golden Week in 2018 before the epidemic, the number of tourists in Hong Kong resumed about 60 %, but Macau has recovered about 80 %.One -time concert, bringing Macau's tourism industry and surrounding industries, Macau is also known as "the city of concerts".

The Macau Daily published a comment article on October 17 pointed out that the concert economy is quite hot in Macau. When there are many concerts in the lively night, tens of thousands of people are distributed in different venues in Luxuan.It's hard to imagine before.The concert economy brings a high number of passengers. It is difficult to find a ticket for some top -flow concerts.It will continue to run the marathon and expand the consumer radiation surface.

In the face of the concert economy, it is applauded and appointed, and Macau decided to pursue the victory.The Asia -Pacific Live Performance Industry Association will host the first "Asian Performance Entertainment Industry Expo" in Macau next month, which is expected to attract nearly 180 industry exhibitors, 500 professional buyers and more than 10,000 audiences.Zhong Chulin, a member of the Association's joint executive committee, pointed out that in the past, the performance providers in the Asia -Pacific region had fewer opportunities to communicate in the same field. Therefore, this expo brought together a public performance organizer and performance staff in the Asia -Pacific region for the first time.The goal is of great significance.

In view of the better and better development of the Macau development concert economy, many people in the Hong Kong tourism industry lamented that the concert economy has also prevailed before the Hong Kong epidemic.The customer follows the idol to go to Hong Kong for consumption.Hong Kong should discover more suitable venues in the future and regain the leading position of concert tourism.

Yang Yongjie, a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, suggested in the media earlier this month that the concert has now become a new normal for cultural tourism consumption.On the one hand, the Hong Kong Government may as well as a preferential package of concerts with the hotel and catering industry to attract more passengers to watch the concert in Hong Kong, extend the atmosphere and economic benefits of the concert to catering, hotels and retail.EssenceOn the other hand, on the day of the concert, the Hong Kong Government can jointly store roadside stalls or temporary stores around the concert venue, and allow food cars to operate in a fixed location.The latest attractions, or selling related to Hong Kong to create a concert tourism brand.

Yang Yongjie pointed out that the Hong Kong Government should seize the opportunity of the Kai Tak Sports Park next year, and actively invite Hong Kong, Asia and internationally renowned singers and artists to hold a concert in Hong Kong.To introduce newly completed cultural and sports facilities and promote Hong Kong by punch -in tutorial, tour guide, etc.

Li Zhaobo, a honorary teaching and research person in the Asia -Pacific Business Institute of Business School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, pointed out in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post that people who watch concerts are generally not ordinary grassroots people. In addition to watching the concert, they sometimes stay locally locally.Time and consumption will drive the catering and hotel industry."In the past, many stars in Hong Kong had a concert, such as Andy Lau. I have a British friend to return to Hong Kong to watch his concert, which is very helpful to promote the economic development of Hong Kong."

But Li Zhaobo said that there are not many large -scale performance venues in Hong Kong. Only the Red Pavilion and the Asian Exhibition Hall, so some singers are forced to perform in Macau.He believes that the Hong Kong Government should change the thinking of "big markets and small governments", promote the industry to hold more concerts, and cooperate with traffic arrangements to regain Hong Kong's tourism industry through concert activities.