The Hong Kong government has previously stated that it will complete the legislation of Article 23 of the Basic Law within the year, but the official on Friday (January 12) submitted to the Legislative Council did not clearly indicate the time for submitting the draft in this year's legislative agenda.Some analysts have pointed out that the Hong Kong Government should legislate in a timely manner due to changes in the international situation, so as not to be blocked by external factors.

The 2024 Annual Legislative Aired A agenda submitted by the Hong Kong Government has a total of 29 agendas, including the most watched "Draft of the National Security Regulations".Determine.

The agenda shows that this draft is the 25th of the agenda, which is responsible for the Security Bureau. It is intended to be submitted to "the first half of the year / the second half of the year", which is different from that of other bills marked as the first half of the year or the second half of the year.

The Hong Kong Security Bureau responded that the SAR government would continue to actively promote 23 legislative work, launch public consultation in a timely manner, and complete legislation within this year.After attending the Financial Committee of the Legislative Council on Friday, Zhuo Xiaoye, the deputy director of the Security Bureau, was asked when he would submit the draft to the Legislative Council, but he just said he would submit it as soon as possible, but did not respond when to consult.

Lin Jianfeng, a member of the Legislative Council from the business community, said that he fully supported 23 legislation. He hoped that the official would send the draft to the Legislative Council earlier this year and complete the legislation before the summer vacation.

He pointed out that the return of Hong Kong has not been able to complete 23 legislation so far, and the opposition has taken the opportunity to do many things that Hong Kong people are unwilling to see.After the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law in recent years, Hong Kong society has resumed stability and the investment situation has improved. The industrial and commercial community believes that 23 legislation can further stabilize the political and business environment of Hong Kong and promote investment promotion and economic activities.

Di Zhiyuan, a member of the social welfare industry, pointed out that it does not oppose 23 legislation and believes that it will help protect national security. However, 23 legislation has caused major political storms, and the Hong Kong government has the risk of management risks to reduce the possibility of storms.He asked the official to list the consultation schedule to prove to the public that it was "real consultation", not a procedural consultation.

In 2003, the Hong Kong Government had conducted local legislation on Article 23, plans to prohibit any behaviors that damage the country's sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and national security by law.However, this was opposed by the democratic faction, and later launched a parade claiming to have 500,000 people on the street, forcing then the then Chief Executive Dong Jianhua to give up legislation.

Chen Weiqiang, a lecturer in Hong Kong University of Technology Hong Kong Specialty College, said in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao that this year is the global election year. The international political situation is complicated.Launched.He is expected to complete 23 legislations before this summer, because the second half of the year is the US election.

Chen Weiqiang believes that 23 legislation will not have a large -scale opposition to parade in 2003, because most Hong Kong people know that the legislation is imperative.However, he believes that the Hong Kong Government needs to strengthen explaining to foreign companies to prevent foreign companies from being concerned about 23 legislation and withdraw money.