The storm of the Chinese overseas police station continued to ferment. After the United States sued 44 Chinese officials last week, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security approved the US malware to make transnational targets and warned that if the United States continues to be lonely, China will resolutely counter -to the end.

Some analysts point out that law enforcement operations in the United States may have a serial effect and promote other countries to strengthen investigations and law enforcement in similar incidents.

According to Xinhua News Agency, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Security reported on Wednesday (April 26) and issued a notice late at night that the representatives of the US Department of Justice and the Federal Investigation Agency in Beijing had proposed solemnly and strong protests.

The Ministry of Public Security criticized the so -called lsquo; multinational for the so -called lsquo; and said that the Chinese side was strongly dissatisfied with this and asked the United States to stop political manipulation and judicial bullying immediately.

The Ministry of Public Security also strongly urged the US law enforcement agency to immediately stop, recognize the serious harmfulness of the incident of Chinese officials, and immediately stopped the unreasonable slander and judicial prosecution of Chinese officials., Return to the normal track of law enforcement cooperation as soon as possible.

The United States announced two criminal complaints on April 17, accusing 44 people suspected of participating in the various crimes targeted by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, of which 40 were officials of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, the two were online information officers, and the other two were in New York.catch.

The prosecutor was suspected of being targeted at residents who criticized the Chinese government in the United States, and the arrested in New York was accused of illegal police police stations operating illegally in China in Chinatown, New York.According to the US Public Broadcasting and Television Corporation, this is the first time that some people in the world have been arrested for allegations related to the Chinese Overseas Police Station.

The allegations of the China Overseas Police Station began to attract external attention at the end of last year. At that time, the protection of the Guardian of the Human Rights Organization and Protection issued a report saying that China established more than 100 overseas police stations in the five continents, which were distributed in more than 50 countries.After the report was released, a wave of investigation was set off. Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands and other countries have conducted investigations in the past six months.It was reported in November last year that the US government is investigating a police station in New York City and unauthorized.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin explained at a regular press conference last October that the so -called foreign police station is actually an overseas service station involved in overseas Chinese affairs.

He said that due to the impact of the crown disease, many overseas Chinese citizens could not return to China to apply for driving licenses in time.In order to solve the actual difficulties of overseas overseas Chinese, relevant Chinese local departments have opened the online license service platform.The main purpose of the service station is to assist the local Chinese citizens in the local area to apply for the medical examination and other services of the Chinese driving license period.

Focusing on the dispute around China Overseas Police Station recently, an upgrade has recently appeared. Active Assistant Secretary of State Hua Ziqiang disclosed at a hearing held at the US House of Representatives on April 18th that the US government learned that China knew that China was conducting in dozens of countries in dozens of countries.Transnational enforcement and cooperation with partners who discovered the same issues through public diplomacy and private diplomatic channels.

Teng Biao, a visiting professor at the University of Human Rights Center of the University of Chicago, told the Voice of America that the arrest operation of the United States will bring a demonstration effect to similar incidents in other countries.After all, the influence of the United States is very important in terms of specific policies and attitudes towards China.

Li Mingjiang, an associate professor at the Nanyang University of Technology Rajernan International Research Institute in Singapore, analyzed in an interview with the United Zard that there are not many countermeasures that China can take. One possibility is to reduce China -US cooperation in cross -border crime.

He said that the law enforcement operation of the United States will have a serial effect in other countries. At the time point of the time to improve the relationship with Europe, China may have a negative impact on China -Europe and China and the West. HoweverIt is expected that it is expected to upgrade to long -term and significant friction points between China and Western countries.

(Reporter is Lianhe Morning News Beijing Special Commissioner)